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Spotlight – Veil of Maya

In this Spotlight – Veil of Maya. We caught up with Lukas to chat about the music and just what makes the band tick. Check out this great conversation we had and let us know what you think.

How did the band become a band?

So, I wasn’t involved with the inception of the band. Marc and Sam founded the band about 20 years ago which is an accomplishment in and of itself. I give major credit to those two for everything they’ve put into this over the years. I joined in October 2014, and if memory serves me correctly, Dan joined in 2010. 

What’s the process for putting together a track or album? How does each member add something of their own to the music?

Well, the process is very long and it’s important to remain patient as things unfold. Each song typically goes through multiple phases of edits to get everything the way it needs to be. One major thing that everyone contributes is the willingness to continue expanding and not get stuck in old habits. 

Let’s go back to 2015’s Matriarch. How do you think your recently release of (m)other has evolved from the 2015s release?

We’ve added more elements to our sound which I believe gives a refreshing and modern feel. We do a good job thinking outside of the box in order to make that happen. 

With more then 10 years under your belts how do you think your music has helped you grow as people?

Keeping a group together for this long is a great challenge. I’d say the overall commitment has done more for any of us than the music itself. You learn a lot about yourself when you face adversity. I’m sure each one of us has become more resilient in general and I could only assume that it serves us in our everyday life. 

Having been on the road playing live, how does the recent Pittsburgh show cancelation rank in things going wrong on tour?

Surprisingly enough, I don’t even think that cracks the top 5 of the worst things that have happened. That being said, it’s always hard to accept that you’re not going to go out and perform for the fans. It’s heartbreaking for everyone. 

What is one of your favorite moments on tours since we’ve talked about the bad side?

I don’t think I can pinpoint one favorite moment, but what I can say is that there is something special about having friends from all over the world. It broadens your perspective. Traveling and meeting new people has taught me more than any other aspect of my life.

Having been involved with Wes Hauch for so many years in so many different projects what are some of the more memorable takeaways you’ve had?

The best part about touring with Wes is the opportunity to just hang out and talk. Wes is a wise individual and he and I have had some moments that have really helped me along the way. He is also regarded as one of the most talented musicians among those who know him. I’m honored to be able to call him a friend. 

With the tenure of the band and having seen as much as you have what is one thing you think should be asked more in an interview that isn’t asked enough?

Most people never seem to ask about life outside of the band. So many of the people I know who tour are involved in other things outside of music. It’s always fun to dive into the other hobbies and interests of fellow musicians. 

Who plays each member of the band in the biopic of your lives?

This question actually makes me laugh a little because if you knew my band the way I did I think you’d agree that it’d be highly difficult to build a cast that would accurately depict how each of us really are. You’d probably be better off making it a cartoon. 

If you had to introduce someone new to your music what is the first song they need to listen to?

I think I’d show them Mikasa. That song seems to resonate well with new listeners. 

What do you hope people take away from your music?

I just want people to connect and have fun. We aren’t the type of band that is hyper-focused on a particular message or stance. I would hope that people can relate and find enjoyment and a sense of community in what we are creating. 

What motivates you guys to keep going?

We want to take this as far as it can go. Fans seem to enjoy the uniqueness that we bring and we enjoy making it happen. 

Spotlight – Veil of Maya is a wrap! Big thanks to Lukas for taking some time to let me pick is brain a little

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