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Staind Headlines Prudential Center with Stacked Lineup

Staind Headlines Prudential Center with Stacked Lineup with Seether, Dayseeker, The Struts, and Ayron Jones at the WDHA Rock the Rock Fest promised an unforgettable evening for music lovers, and that it did! With an eclectic mix of rock artists, the event brought together fans for an incredible night of live music, drinks, good company and entertainment.

Ayron Jones

To start the night off Ayron Jones and his band kicked off the event with high energy and enthusiasm. Being the first to hit the stage can set the tone for the rest of the performances, and they started the show off on a strong note. Not only was it exciting for the crowd to have Ayron Jones start the night off but the feelings were mutual and that showed in each second of Ayron Jones and his band’s performance. 

The Struts

The Struts, a British rock band was next up in the jam packed lineup. The Struts kept the show going with energetic energy and transcended all of Prudential Center into a world of rock and roll. The Struts’ charismatic performance style and infectious energy showed an electrifying atmosphere that immersed the audience. Their stage presence and musical talents transport listeners to a place where they can’t help but get swept up in the excitement of the show.


The captivating and mesmerizing performance by Dayseeker easily drew in the audience with their hypnotic aesthetic and forceful presence on stage. The band’s ability to connect with their fans on a deep level through their songs creates an immersive experience that keeps the crowd engaged and entranced throughout the show. The crowd couldn’t get enough of Dayseeker, from their first to last song the crowd roared. 


Seether’s performance at the Prudential Center was captivating and had a significant impact on the audience with their powerful lyrics and stage presence. You could feel the band being surrounded by a large crowd and pulling that energy to deliver a performance to remember. Seether created a memorable experience for all, being sure to sing fan favorites such as “Remedy, Fake it, Dangerous, Rose Above This,” and many more. 


As the excitement built and the energy surged through the crowd, Staind took center stage at the Prudential Center, prepared to deliver a show-stopping performance that left fans awestruck. The anticipation was felt up until Stainds curtain dropped and the band made their entrance to showcase their raw and pure talent. Aaron Lewis is known for his powerful and very distinctive voice, from the raw and emotive talent, to the loyal fans, a stacked lineup, and setlists carefully curated – this night was sure to be unforgettable. Though sadness filled the room knowing Staind would perform their last songs “It’s Been Awhile, and Mudshovel” for their encore, dedicated attendees couldn’t help but feel grateful and in unison for the music and bands that beought them together. 

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