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Steve Earle & Jerry Leger in Ottawa

Another outstanding night at the Algonquin Commons Theatre as Jerry Leger and Steve Earle brought their individual signature brands of country/folk charm to serenade the masses.   

Jerry Leger

Canadian singer-songwriter Jerry Leger captivated the audience as he opened up for Steve Earle in his Alone Again 2024 Tour. Leger has toured extensively through Canada, the US, Europe and the UK, releasing 13 albums since 2005. Leger has been effortlessly collecting rave reviews on everything from his clever and thoughtful lyrics to his masterful guitar and piano skills, and tonight was no different. Taking to the stage with soft melodic vocals and strumming, the audience’s attention was immediately captured. Each song seamlessly blending into the next, all ears engorging themselves as song after song swelled to fill the room. 


A chuckle rippled through the crowed as Leger joked that his mother told him his I need love song had a certain John Lennon sound to it. Leger explained this was a song about how being vulnerable has its own strength, before beginning to sing the first of the lyrical masterpiece: “I need love, more than ever before, deep inside my chest. I need lights in the darkest of days just like everyone else.” Applause erupted after the song ended, the perfect showcase of the shared human experience; we all need love.  


Then leger switched into a more upbeat tempo, strumming away at his guitar, displaying raw talent with every stroke. Performing hit song after hit song like Nothing Pressing, Leger effortlessly commanded the stage, drawing listeners in with his authentic storytelling and undeniable musical talent. Resounding cheers echoed through the theatre between each set as Leger seamlessly shifted from one song to the next. 


Overall, Leger’s performance at Algonquin Common’s Theater was nothing short of mesmerizing. Smooth country/folk tunes from beginning to end set the tone for a fantastic and enjoyable night of music. 

Steve Earle

Steve Earle, one of the most acclaimed singer-songwriters and musical story tellers of his generation, is at it again with his Alone Again 2024 tour. In the wake of his forthcoming live album Alone Again release set for July 12, 2024, Earle is making waves as he travels from theatre to theatre through Canada and the United States. Releasing his first EP in 1982, Earle has become well known for his proficiency in multiple musical genres including country, rock and folk throughout the years. Boasting three Grammy awards for Best Contemporary Folk Album, and four additional nominations in the same category, the palpable excitement that filled the air was no surprise.

Before the theatre lights had even reached their full intensity, the audience had erupted into welcoming cheers and applause. Earle strolled onto the stage and opened with a humorous dark quip causing the room to explode into laughter before strumming away at hit song Devils Right Hand. Hitting the show off with such a high-energy fanfavorite wasted no time riling the audience up with anticipation of the show to come.    


He then eased the rooms energy downwards with a softer song, My Old Friend the Blues. From the moment Earle hit the stage, the audience was thoroughly captivated with his infectious energy and genuine love for his craft. The complete entrancement continued as all sang I Ain’t Ever Satisfied in unison, creating this unfiltered sense of comradery between concert-goers. More contagious laughs filled the room as Earle introduced Now She’s Gone by stating ‘this song goes out to what’s her name, wherever the hell she is’. The laughter continued as he introduced the next song commenting ‘same girl, different harmonica.’ 


The set from start to finish was humorous, light-hearted and riddled with pure musical talent, definitely one for the books.  

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