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Stick To Your Guns In Ottawa

It’s always exciting when a band you love and have Been listening to for 15 years come to your city and Stick To Your Guns in Ottawa was the place to be.  When the show was announced I felt like I was 20 years old again. I was in my twenties when I first started listening to them and 15 years later still jamming their records! They have been that band you turn on when you’re sad, happy, or in need of listening to some powerful lyrics for inspiration. This band means a lot to me as well as the hardcore community around the world. STYG is currently on a quick 10-day tour hitting up some festivals as well as playing with legendary metal band Killswitch Engage! Thankfully for us, they had time to play a show in Ottawa!  

The Starting lineup

Opening the night first were three local metal/hardcore bands from the Ottawa/Gatineau area, Burn The Evidence, Ghost Blade and Soul Thief. It was an absolutely insane, t and loud night! On top of that with a sold-out venue at the Brass Monkey and high energy from the band come out and absolutely shredded!  Song after song the crowd got louder and more wild! People jumping up making their way to the stage to sing their favourite songs! The mosh pit was wild! But everyone made sure to keep one another safe!  


Stick To Your Guns never disappoints, they are legends in the hardcore scene and have a lot of respect for their beliefs and the messages they have in their songs. They played some songs off pretty much each of all their albums which is always great for the fanbase who have been following since the start. For the fans that have been following since the start, the band likes to close their set with the very first song they ever wrote and is easily one of the biggest crowd-pleasers. When the first riff hits you know what’s comingThis Is More is an absolute banger that hits hard lyrically and musically, at the end of the song lead singer Jesse invites the crowd onstage and sings with the band! The crowd goes nuts and everyone races to the front to jump on stage and sing along with the band. 

It was a crazy night at the Brass Monkey and Stick To Your Guns in Ottawa brought the best energy and good vibes! 

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