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Sting live in Ottawa

There are musicians who are considered greats of a generation and tonight Sting live in Ottawa checked one of those off my personal list. I am a fan of music because a good song doesn’t matter what genre it is. I may not be in love with Sting like a really good friend of mine is but I am a huge fan of some of his music so when I got the chance to get to see Sting live I mean come on! Of course, I was going to be there. One of my favorite things in the whole world is when you get to see an artist live and they sound just as good if not better live than they do digitally. Sting is iconic in the industry being active for more than 50 years now and at the age of 70 still puts on a great show.

Joe Sumner

Now I was not familiar with Joe before this show but I have heard his name around so I was excited to see him live. What you may not know about Joe is he is actually the son of the one and only Sting. Joe has made his own name in this industry being active since 1999 as a part of Fiction Plane. We started out the night with a stripped-down set on the big stage with just him and his guitar playing.

I didn’t get the chance to catch the whole set because we photographers are only given so much time out there. The first 2 tracks not only set the tone for the night but made sure the crowd was moving in their seats. Joe is one of those guys that you might not know much about but when you do find him you wonder why it took so long.


The crowd was exactly what you expected to see for the night with some die-hard music lovers out there to take in an icon. When the lights dropped and the band started onto the stage the fans were on their and erupting with cheers. The spotlight hit and Sting entered starting out the night with one of the single most recognizable songs of his extensive catalog. The signature guitar starts and Message in a Bottle from his time with The Police, gets the fans going nuts. They were dancing and singing every word right back to the stage.

During this set Sting stopped to interact with the fans telling a few stories on the way. He talked about his ambition when young to be a musician or a cowboy. Not really able to dive into the country genre he was thrilled when a few country greats covered his songs like Johnny Cash with I Hung my Head. He’s talked about hits and writing songs about being in love, out of love, and everything in between. Sting made sure to play the crowd favs like Fields of Gold but made sure to point out the fine print on the tickets said new and old songs so guess what….you got some new songs as well! Joe came out to rock some tracks also and bring in some more energy. There is a song for everyone and man I was happy getting to hear these live.

Final Thoughts

There is something to be said about live music. Not only does it bring back memories from a time when you first heard that song but it also creates new ones by getting to see some of your favorite artists performing live. Sting live in Ottawa did just this for me tonight getting to see an iconic play some of the best songs of this generation live. I can say happily that this is one of those nights I can check off my list.

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