Super Troopers 2

As I was a huge fan of Super Troopers growing up I was a bit disappointed that this comedy tour to promote Super Troopers 2 was only going to consist of one of the Broken Lizard comedy group members. At first I was hesitant to attend this show.

The Rookie “Rabbit”

Super Troopers 2 - Erik

The name Erik Stolhanske may not be easily recognizable outside of Super Trooper Fame, but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t entranced by every word he delivered during his short performance.

Super Troopers 2

I had anticipated that he was going to be playing the role of rookie cop “Rabbit” as I knew the theatrical release of Super Troopers 2 was right around the corner, but to my surprise the show had a little bit of everything.

He shared his story about how he was born without a Fibula and that he actually has a prosthetic wooden leg. It was quite an inspirational story which shows that disabilities will never hold someone back if they have dreams that they want to achieve.

Broken Lizard

His humor wasn’t as goofy as the comedy portrayed in the numerous Broken Lizard movies he has starred in and I found it to be quite quirky and sophisticated. He spoke about the origins of Broken Lizard and how comedy or acting was never a consideration for himself growing up. He was told in high school that he was actually a pretty decent actor after staring in a high school stage production.

He continued on about how he met Jay Chandrasekhar in College and they put together a sort of sketch comedy group which was essentially the beginning of Broken Lizard. You could almost see the faces of a mostly college based audience that Erik was living the life that so many of them desired. If I could have a great time with my closest friends, writing funny material that may be perceived as immature or stupid and make a career out of it, what more could I ask for?

He ended the night by asking the audience to look at themselves and single out what our wooden leg was. He pointed out it didn’t need to be a disability per se, but ultimately he was trying to alert us to the fact that we all have something about ourselves that we may think is holding us back. If you want something, simply go for it.

I couldn’t agree more Rabbit, I couldn’t agree more.

Super Troops 2 - Tour Poster
Super Troops 2 – Tour Poster
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