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Taking Back Sunday & Citizen in Calgary

Sunday, June 9th, was the perfect day for Taking Back Sunday & Citizen in Calgary. Taking Back Sunday brought their 2024 North American tour to Calgary to back up the release of their newest album 152 with guest openers, Citizen.


Citizen started off with songs from their newer releases, “Calling The Dogs” & “Life in Your Glass World”, to a Calgary crowd that loves them. The energy on stage was immaculate and enticing, with barely a phone in sight in the audience, showing that they were loving the stage presence of Citizen. They also played “The Night I Drove Alone” from their album Youth, released in 2013, with the whole crowd singing along.

Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday upped the ante as soon as they stepped foot on stage, starting off with the song “S’Old” from their newest release, 152, and continuing that crowd momentum throughout their entire set. With sprinkles of earlier releases while playing songs off of 152, the crowd was fully engaged. Taking Back Sunday finished off with their incredibly popular songs from the early-2000’s “Cute Without the E” & “MakeDamnSure”, which were incredible crowd pleasers.

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