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Teeth Live In Ottawa

Fresh off their new EP release Teeth Live In Ottawa bring their Biblical Worship of Violence with a side of perogies to the House Of Targ. Joining them on tour is Metalcore act Great American Ghost and the Hirs Collective.

The Hirs Collective

Opening the show is two piece band The Hirs Collective, they are huge activists for the LGBTQ+ community and have one goal besides shredding your face off and that is to “defend and celebrate the survival of trans, queer, poc, black, women and any and all other folks who have to constantly face violence, marginalization, and oppression.”

The Hirs Collective brings you fast in your face chaotic goodness, this duo plays loud and in your face. I absolutely loved their high energy and having little sound bites in between songs like playing Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody that has the crowd erupt in a singalong.

The Hirs Collective may only a two piece band but they are such an incredible band to watch will blow you away!

Great American Ghost

Up Next from Philadelphia, is Pen Metalcore outfit Great American Ghost. These guys bring a touch of old-school metalcore with a new-age fierce technical twist. Coming in hot opening their set with the single of their new EP Torture World, they play Kingmaker. GAM are a very exciting band to watch, they bring such high energy and emotion to their set. Not afraid to get in the crowd, vocalist Ethan jumps off the stage and gets in with the people and encourages them to move closer and have a good time. At first, the crowd at the House Of Targ was reluctant and hesitant to move in close, but Ethan with reassurance convinces everyone to move in and will make sure it will be safe and fun. He was not wrong! once the crowd moves in closer it seemed like a bomb of massive energy exploded, the crowd now moving, and jumping around seemed to ignite a fire in the band to match the audience’s enthusiasm.

I have only seen a handful of bands that are able to get an unsure crowd to go absolutely nuts, Great American Ghost is a very special band, they are phenomenal live bands, wicked tunes, and even better humans. With their power riffs, brutal breakdowns, and hard-hitting lyrics these guys are not to be missed out on!


Now that the crowd is all warmed up, it’s time for the main event! The last time Teeth was here I missed out and is something I was heartbroken about for a long time. This time around I was not going to miss out! Recently Teeth released a new EP Biblical Worship Of Violence, and this EP is absolutely fast and hard-hitting, so I was super hyped to hear these new songs live. Starting off they open with the first track off the new EP We Eat Our Young, and wooooow, this song is so heavy! If you have heard of Teeth or have seen any of their videos on social media, you’d know lead singer Blake loves to be in the crowd a lot. This show was no different. More than a dozen times he is in with the people giving high fives, asking if everyone is having a good time, encouraging the people in the back to move up. 


Teeth is all high energy and these guys give it their all, even having guitarist Chris get in the action and join the crowd as a circle pit breaks out and starts circling around him. Finishing the night at the second last song Blake again goes into the crowd and has the people lift him up and crowd surf him. It’s safe to say that Teeth probably has one of the best live shows, there is not a single moment when you are not entertained, you are fully engaged from start to finish. I for one will never miss another Teeth show again, and you definitely should not miss seeing them as well.  

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