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The Beaches in Halifax

Friday night in Halifax saw the return of Toronto’s Juno award-winning band “The Beaches”, a favorite among Haligonians for their energizing and exciting concerts. The first show to sell out on their “Blame My Ex” tour. Last appearing at the Lighthouse Arts Center in downtown Halifax in February, the concert was building anticipation for months. 


Opening the night was local talent “Loviet” recently returning from playing Lollapalooza in Chicago and FEQ, in Quebec City. She blew the crowds’ minds with her riveting guitar solos and energetic stage presence. I hadn’t even heard of Loviet before Friday, and now she is certainly on my playlist.  

The Beaches

The night was just beginning, as The Beaches were set to come on next, as they entered the stage the crowd erupted in excitement Jordan Miller (front women of The Beaches) came out with attitude, sporting what looked like Kurt Cobain-styled sunglasses, immediately heading to the edge of the stage to get the crowd involved in the energy. Playing their hit song “Grow Up Tomorrow” early in the set got the crowd steaming for more from the “girl band”. The crowd continued to sing every word with the band. Jordan took to the mic to state the next song “What Kills You Makes You Paranoid” was about her struggle with social anxiety. Guitar solos and dancing throughout the set made for an entertaining night. Also played a number of hits off their new Album “Blame My Ex”, including their song “Blame Brett” which ended the main set and had the entire crowd singing for the last chorus.  

After saying goodbye and leaving the stage the crowd was not done and continued to yell and cheer for The Beaches to come back and play some more songs. They performed a 2 song encore and then finally ended the night with their hit song “Money” off their debut album. As they continue their North American tour, Halifax will be awaiting the return of The Beaches and I’m sure on the next run, it’ll be even bigger than this one. 

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