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The Darkness Has Still Got It 20 Years Later

The Darkness has still got it 20 years later. Justin Hawkins, Dan Hawkins, Frankie Poullain, and Rufus Tiger Taylor prove they’ve still got the energy of young rockstars during their 20th anniversary tour stop in NYC. 

Starting out

Within the first 3 seconds of this show, I was interested. The band made their entrance onto the stage, and frontman Justin Hawkins quickly grabbed my (and I would assume every person in the building’s) attention, clothed in a black and white striped jumpsuit that made a statement. Describing the wardrobe as having a plunging neckline would not do the garb nearly enough justice. This one piece outfit was completely open down the front, leaving Hawkins’ entire torso exposed, tattoos, nipple rings and all. The lead singer is 48 years young and is clearly as energetic and alive as ever. The band’s performance of “Get Your Hands Off of My Woman” ended with Hawkins doing a headstand and jumpkicking himself back to an upright position in time for his next song cue. 

The New York City venue was absolutely packed with fans who were oozing with excitement. The energy in the room was infectious and every member of the audience seemed to be having a blast as they sang along to every word. The band seemed to really appreciate the love from their fans and Hawkins showed off his wit, interacting with the audience in between songs. At one point, Hawkins noticed a fan wearing a shirt made to look like the cover art from Queen’s “Hot Space” album. Hawkins reached out to take the shirt, put it on, and let the fan know he wouldn’t be getting it back (only to return it a while later). 

The last piece of my experience that solidified my feelings for the band happened right before I began heading out. As all of the photographers were gathering their things and leaving the photo pit, Justin Hawkins stopped what he was doing and took a moment to recognize and thank the photographers for capturing the night. It was a small gesture that will stay with me for a long time. We often fly under the radar and are not recognized for the work we do, so this moment said a lot to me about the kind of people who make up The Darkness. This was an energy-packed show with fun outfits, dedicated fans, and an entertaining performance.

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