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A Night With The Front Bottoms & Vundabar

The Front Bottoms and Vundabar get a warm welcome from Franklin Music Hall, lines wrapped around the block, fans screaming and smiles of anticipation. The Front Bottoms brought in such a fun, light hearted crowd, fun outfits and unique styles could be seen all throughout the venue. 


Vundabar, the popular band from Boston Massachusetts helps warm up the crowd, and oh boy was it a performance to remember! The Indie Rock band racks in over 5.5 million well deserved monthly Spotify listeners worldwide. Vundabar put on an incredible performance, ensuring each fan was rocking their hearts out! Vundabar has a unique stage presence that leaves you wanting more! 

The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms, a new jersey native indie rock band, has been stealing the hearts of fans since 2006. The duo Brian Sella (vocalist and guitarist) and Mat Uychich (drummer) have been no stranger to the indie/emo scene since the early 2000s. Brian Sella and Mat Uychich, have been joined by touring members Erik Kase Romero (bass, guitar, backing vocals), AJ Peacox (guitar, backing vocals) and Natalie Newbold (bass, backing vocals). With Romero joining in 2017, Newbold in 2020, and Peacox joining in 2022, they were a perfect addition into the TFB family! The Front Bottoms bring in over 1.9 well deserved monthly listeners on spotify, and hundreds of thousands of social media followers. Since 2011, The Front Bottoms have released 6 albums which all had spotlight songs on their setlist! The Front Bottoms have been prevalent in the indie/emo scene since early 2011, when their self-titled album “The Front Bottoms” was released, and skyrocketed into popularity. 

TFB Hits The Stage

From the second The Front Bottoms entered the stage, you felt a familiar fun feeling being radiated. The Front Bottoms have received love from all over the world, but the love was especially felt on night one of Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia. The Front Bottoms played such a wide variety of songs, being sure to not leave out any albums in the rotation! With a 21 song setlist, TFB included songs off of each album which gave older and newer fans a feel of nostalgia, and excitement! The Front Bottoms show was by far one of the most light hearted, fun and entertaining shows I have seen! From on stage jokes, to oversized boxing gloves, incense, a few stage beers, and the overall feeling of unity, it was a show to remember! You could tell from the second they made their entrance on stage, to the last song on the encore “Twin Size Mattress,” the energy never dwindled and the fun continued on! I will definitely be catching another TFB show and so should you! Join The Front Bottoms for a night away from reality, to just be in the moment and enjoy yourself on the “you are who you hang out with” tour! 

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