The Jim Cuddy Band

The Jim Cuddy Band

After a postponement, The Jim Cuddy Band was finally coming to town. The band was on the road for the Countrywide Soul Tour and took the stage at the NAC.

It’s been a slower start to the year for concerts so it’s nice to see some more shows start to come to town.

Jim Cuddy is very well known on the music scene having lead Blue Rodeo since 1984. Blue Rodeo has released 15 studio albums and toured countless times including a number of stops here in Ottawa most recently at Bluesfest.

Jim has also released 5 solo albums with The Jim Cuddy Band as well as won several awards including a JUNO for Best Male Vocalist.

Devin Cuddy

Starting out the night is Devin Cuddy, Jim’s son, along with his band, The Devin Cuddy Band. Devin following in dad’s footsteps has been actively on the scene since 2012 receiving a couple JUNO nods of his own. The Devin Cuddy Band made sure to get the crowd in the mood with a great mix of tunes from their catalog and some talent on the instruments. Devin himself is a well-established artist and pretty amazing on the piano. It must be pretty amazing getting to open up for your own dad.

Jim Cuddy

Next on deck and the main event is The Jim Cuddy Band. Jim, a seasoned veteran of the stage, told stories and brought the fans on a journey. There was almost a theme to the night with the stars being a primary focus. He introduced new songs with new stories and drew you in with every moment. Jim also shared some of the lower points in some of the cities has been in including Ottawa and Toronto. After such a long stint in the industry there was bound to be a few good and bad stories for sure.

All and all it was a pretty great show with some great music. The Devin Cuddy Band is certainly a chip off the old block. He is carving his own way in this world with some great talent. The Jim Cuddy Band continues a strong tradition of solid music talent mixed with an enigmatic story teller. Thank you Jim for a great night and looking forward to the next time.

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