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The Oracle Sisters in Toronto

The Oracle Sisters in Toronto on their first stop announced the band as steady newcomers in the indie psychedelic space, playing to an eager crowd of music lovers.

Starting out

With an eccentric opener in Ryder The Eagle, the crowd was warmed up with him marching through the crowd, singing to his newfound love, and addressing the crowd top the bar rail at the back of The Garrison. His humor was ever present, asking the crowd “Do you prefer a cop or a priest?”. 

The Main event

Childhood friends Lewis Lazar and Christopher Willatt were first to take the stage to begin their set, presenting their acoustic touch in full voice before welcoming the rest of the band in front of a full crowd at The Garrison. “We just woke up from a nap”, Lewis states, and though the first few songs of the set were definitely a warmup, the band then progressed through songs from their Paris I ep. A highlight for me was The Vibes, a light, beachy, summery journey that had everyone engaged. It was at this point in the set that their sound truly rang through. Of course, Asc. Scorpio, their biggest single yet, got the crowd shuffling their feet. 

It’s these smaller, intimate concerts where you’re witnessing a band come of age, if you will, that encourage fans of the genre to seek out quaint concerts in a room full of individuals who understand what music all is about. The Oracle Sisters proved they have a sound in need of being heard and last night at The Garrison proved it was well worth listening to. If you get a chance to check out The Oracle Sisters make sure you do, I expect their fanbase is only going to grow from here. There is always something about a great indie show.

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