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The Scarlet Opera Live at Irving Plaza


Capturing moments of the Scarlet Opera live at Irving Plaza was a wonderful experience. They are a theatrical and fabulous group to see perform and I hope to find myself at more performances in the future. 


“Saw it on the news, baby’s got the blues, Read it in the times”


If that lyric from The Scarlet Opera’s “Alive” doesn’t ring a bell, where have you been? Those words have popped up on my instagram explore page more times than I can count. I didn’t know much about the music, but I knew that one line like the back of my hand. I also knew I needed to hear more. Thankfully I got to experience The Scarlet Opera Live at Irving Plaza on June 8th, 2023.


The Scarlet Opera opened Ava Max’s concert in NYC, and boy did they get the crowd ready for the night with a fun set. The band opened with their song “Riot” which is a perfect introductory track. The verses repeat many times throughout the song, giving the audience just enough time to learn the words and sing along by the end. The members of the band and their style of music just oozes with electric energy. The group’s music and stage presence radiates an essence of Freddy Mercury in the best way possible. The lead vocalist of the band Luka described the group to be “theatrical and flamboyant”. Speaking of, Luka is a phenomenal frontman, dancing and twirling with a massive sparkling boa around his neck for a majority of the show. Each member has their own style and personality that all mesh well together to form what is The Scarlet Opera. 

Experiencing The Scarlet Opera live is just a passionate, joyful experience that leaves you full of energy and smiling from ear to ear. Myself and seemingly everyone in the crowd had a wonderful time. I am certainly a new fan.

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