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The Used at WAMU Theatre

When I got word that I was headed to The Used at WAMU Theatre I was excited. The Used have been on the scene for a while now and not only was I about to check out the show but I was going to be right up front in the photo pit taking pictures! The Just Some More Shows Tour was in full swing with A Day to Remember and what a duo with The Used and Seattle was ready to rage! The crowd was nothing less than expected going crazy at every moment with every song. The Used started out their set with an amazing mashup of “Smells like Teen Spirit” with “A Box full of Sharp Object” which as you can imagine was awesome.

Bert Runs the show

For those who don’t know Bret runs the show. He makes sure to take every chance to connect with the crowd going so far as to even have the crowd boo them instead of cheering because…why not he’s the boss! The crowd was absolutely down for the ride the whole time and I was all for it. These guys are on tour until December 4th and if you have a chance to catch a show on that list make sure you do. This show was absolutely perfect and made my night and who doesn’t love to get to shoot some epic photos of a band that has fought for their place in this space and earned every inch!

On a final note, the WAMU theatre is always such a fun place to be to take in some epic music. I love when I get out to take in some great music and The Used at WAMU Theatre was a great way to end a night.

P.S. There are so many pictures I could have put in the gallery but I didn’t want to overdo it!

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