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Thomas Rhett Bring the Bar to You Ottawa

Thomas Rhett Bring the Bar to You Ottawa and it was a party all night long. This tour got underway fairly recently and it’s making waves across the country with some great reviews so far. The Canadian Tire Centre was the only obvious spot for this show and the house was packed from top to bottom. Along for the ride are Kameron Marlowe and Jordan Davis. The country fans were far and wide with beers in hand and cowboy hats as far as you could see.

Kameron Marlowe

First up is Kameron Marlowe who’s been making waves on the scene since 2018. Right from the start Kameron hit the stage full of energy and forced the crowd to start having some fun. The stage was set just right and Kameron made sure to use every inch. He has a pretty awesome voice and played some great tunes including some Johnny Cash….and what country fan doesn’t love a good Cash tune? This was my first time with Kameron’s tunes, and I am digging it for sure.

Jordan Davis

Next up is Jordan Davis. Now we were lucky enough to catch Jordan in LA recently but personally, this one was a first for me. I’ve heard some of his tunes in the past and after seeing the photo from the last show I knew I was in for a treat. Jordan brings a solid performance and some great presence to the stage and it was exciting to watch and shoot. Jordan played a great mix of his catalog for fans new and old including What My World Spins Around and Buy Dirt. Aside from the amazing music the lights and stage were amazing!

Thomas Rhett

It’s time for the main event of the evening. The lights went down and the music started up as the band started heating up as Thomas backed by a brilliant spotlight hit the top of the staircase. Boasting a robust set list of almost 20 tracks fans new and old were in for a treat. I’ve never seen Thomas live and I was very impressed with his live performance. One thing few people probably noticed at the start was the small B-Stage at the back with the sound booth which is where a special performance took place. To top everything off the lights and stage set up were above and beyond with smoke and everything. When you are looking for a great live show this has got to be one of your tops.

This show was perfect night of country music for an absolutely bitter cold night. I even had my brothers-in-law at the show also which made it a family affair. Thomas Rhett Bring the Bar to You Ottawa was perfect and if you get the chance to get out and see this tour yourself don’t miss out.

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