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Tyler Shaw in Ottawa

Canadian popstar Tyler Shaw – a multi-platinum-selling artist, music producer, and actor – graced Ottawa’s very own National Arts Centre (NAC) with one of the most cheerful and up-beat Christmas concerts of the season. Shaw boasts an impressive musical resume with multiple top-charting hits, a Juno Awards nomination, and past tours alongside pop sensation Selena Gomez, and has performed for dignitaries such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Prince Harry. This Christmas concert at the NAC further exemplified Shaw’s’ remarkable raw talent as he brought the joy of Christmas festivities and the surrounding winter wonderland right to our capital’s front door.

The Show

Hushed whispers overtook the crowd as Shaw’s melodic voice began to cover a Christmas classic ‘This Christmas’ from an unknown location within the auditorium. Confused glances explored the room in search of the musical source only to be cheerfully surprised as Shaw revealed himself at the back of the auditorium, behind the audience. Pure glee erupted from the audience, while cheers and applause ran the duration of the first solo. The warmth Shaw radiated towards his audience, and the mischievous glint in his eye immediately hooked every single spectator as they sat on the edge of their seats.

Energetic classics and captivating originals enveloped the audience with a sense of wonder and excitement as Shaw effortlessly danced between multiple sets on stage. Even the interlude held memorable moments as short personal clips of Shaw’s childhood Christmases flashed across the screen. Upon the video’s competition, Shaw introduced the public to his two-year-old daughter claiming that ‘this is the first show she had ever attended’. Shaw and his family were warmly welcomed by applause and wide grins of approval. The audience hardly wanted the show to end, calling for an encore which was promptly granted. 

In Closing

The priceless energy that Shaw brought to the stage was enthusiastically met by all audience members, whether it be dancing around to ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ or gently swaying to the original ‘Christmas in Your Eyes’. Whatever burdens or stressors people may have carried into the auditorium, they seemed to leave the space with soaring hearts and a collective feeling of anticipation for the Christmas season. 

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