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USS final FINAL Frequency tour

Algonquin Commons Theatre played host once again to this stop on the USS final FINAL Frequency tour in Ottawa and we made sure to be there. Having got to see them on their last run-through Ottawa it was completely necessary to check out the show again in case we missed something the first time. You can tell the guys love what they do because they can’t seem to stop coming back and bringing the party along with them. Algonquin is one of our favorite venues to head to and hang out with the amazing staff.

Opening the night was Cheap Suits. Not being as familiar with them it was going to be a fun way to start out the night seeing some new stuff live. This group is very dynamic and full of energy on stage which made for a great way to warm up the crowd. They hay the whole crowd moving and grooving along with each song they played.


It’s finally upon us and the lights dimmed as the music started. The Human Kebob hit the stage with a furry of energy right from the start and kept it going. USS is known for the energy they bring to the crowd but this night had a little bit more to it. There were some different connections with the crowd holding the mic out for them to sing along and even dedicating a couple of songs to a specific fan. At one point they brought someone up on stage to hype man the show and make the party bigger.

They played all of their best hits for the fans while sprinkling in some fun parts like an epic drum solo to test out the base. They told some stories along with the music including talking about a music video they even filmed in Kanata. Not only are these guys completely amazing on stage they are such down-to-earth people and make sure the crowd feels the love. They have had an amazing run and have the love of so many people and I for one wish them the best after enjoying the USS final FINAL Frequency tour stop over in Ottawa

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