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We Came As Romans hits Baltimore

We Came As Romans hits Baltimore and brought the Darkbloom tour to town. I like many other WCAR fans discovered them in 2009 with the release of their record called “To Plant A Seed”. This record and more specifically the song “Dreams” instantly had me hooked on this band and I knew they had something special. I have been a fan ever since and have even had the opportunity to share a tour with them in 2012 for the Scream it like you mean it tour. From tiny intimate rooms to huge festivals, they never disappoint.

Now onto this album and tour. The album Darkbloom was released in October of 2022 with Sharptone Records. The first song on the record “Darkbloom” set the tone for the record and what to expect from the record release tour. There are also some cool features on the record from names like Caleb Shomo (Beartooth) and Zero (Rapper). There is also an alternate version of the song Darkbloom with Kyle Anderson (Brand Of Sacrifice). This is a perfect segway into the supporting bands on the Darkbloom tour. Brand Of Sacrifice and Erra Join We Came As Romans on this tour and seeing the bill for this got me excited.


First on the stage for the night was Canadian deathcore band Brand Of Sacrifice. I have never seen them live before, But I have been following them for about a year now and I was impressed to see they are true to their albums live. Amazing performance with so much energy and they got the crowd primed and ready for the two bands to follow. Second to the stage was ERRA and it is no surprise to me that We Came As Romans picked them to be direct support. Erra, fronted by JT Cavey is a powerhouse and puts on an amazing performance every show. This show was no different. They really did bring the house down and get every single person in the room hyped up for We Came As Romans.

Main Event

You can say a lot about We Came As Romans and everyone can give you a slightly different description of the band depending on when they discovered them, But one thing that is unanimous is that the production on WCAR headlining tours is stadium quality and always makes an exciting time. Big video screens, Bright white backlights blinding the crowd, And FREAKING LASERS! I was pleased to see that the setlist for the night included a wide range of songs from all time periods of the band.

The set had throwbacks for old-school fans like me. It had the popular songs that everyone knows like “carry the weight”, “wasted age”, and “learning to survive”. And of course, music from the new record. For a little over an hour, WCAR staged an assault on our eardrums and at the end of the night left everyone wanting more. From start to finish this stop of the tour was high energy, High intensity and never once had a dull moment and a great way to end the night at We Came As Romans hits Baltimore.

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