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Archetypes Collide

Archetypes Collide, an Arizona native band started the night off just right, headbanging, crowd surfing, circle pits… the fans were absolutely loving it! Archetypes Collide setlist included their songs “Parasite, Destiny, My Own Device, Fade Away, What If I Fall, Your Misery” and a cover of Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer,” which had fans going nuts! Archetypes Collide ranks in over 95 thousand monthly Spotify’s listeners, as well as being featured on Spotify’s “The Core : metalcore at its finest.”


Next up on the lineup was Bodysnatcher! Bodysnatcher, the deathcore Florida native band, hit the stage for the well awaited concert. Between five songs alone, they hold over 13 million streams, fans showed up and showed out! Bodysnatcher showed heavy vocals, and insane musical capabilities! Bodysnatcher performed “Glass Prison, Wired For Destruction, Dead Rabbit, Take Me To Hell, Behind The Crowd, Black Of My Eyes, Twelve/Seventeen, and King Of The Rats.” Fans absolutely loved the setlist, the crowd were on their feet the entire time, and even in the air crowd surfing! 


To finish off the incredible lineup of openers, Emmure! Emmure is a metalcore band originated in Connecticut, Emmure has made their name in the metalcore scene ranking in millions of spotify and apple music followers and streams. Dedicated fans traveled states away to attend Emmure’s performance as well as Archetypes Collide, Bodysnatcher, and We Came As Romans. Emmure’s stage presence is extremely heavy, making it nearly impossible to not head bang and get into a circle pit! 

We Came As Romans

Last up, headlining Starland Ballroom is We Came As Romans. From the second the lights dimmed, music started playing, fans went absolutely wild. Absolute chaos insured in all the best ways! We Came As Romans, with 2.5 million monthly listeners has absolutely stolen the hearts of metal fans all over the world. We Came As Romans was given a warm welcome by New Jersey on their long awaited “Darkbloom Tour.” We Came As Romans has such an incredible, and powerful stage presence. The show is a must see, from crowd interaction to stage visuals, and their musical abilities. If you haven’t already, be sure to grab a ticket for the “Darkbloom Tour,” you won’t be disappointed! 

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