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White Buffalo headlines Santa Ana

Jake Smith, who is the lead singer of The White Buffalo headlines Santa Ana for a “hometown show” as he was raised in Huntington Beach, CA. White Buffalo formed in 2002 debuting with the album “Hogtied like a Rodeo” and gained substantial recognition from their work being in the hit show “Sons of Anarchy” singing songs such as Come Join the Murder, Oh Darlin’ What Have I Done and more…

Korey Dane

Korey Dane is a musician based in Southern California. Who by day actually works at the venue in which he played that night, opening for The White Buffalo. Korey is an upcoming artist who is known for his Alternative/Indie sound, while he didn’t know he was opening for The White Buffalo until 3 pm that afternoon, that didn’t stop him from having everyone on their feet while he was performing. He sang this one song of his called “Blood on the Mattress” which really intrigued the crowd and had them wanting more. Korey may have had a short set but he did a fantastic job and has a phenomenal voice. I strongly recommend checking him out if you get the chance! 

The White Buffalo

The main event of the night and hands down the best performance I’ve ever seen live, topping all other concerts that I’ve been to, The White Buffalo. The group had hardly gotten onto the stage and the crowd was already going absolutely crazy. White Buffalo opened with their song “Not Today” which is off their newest album “Year of the Dark Horse” which was released on November 11th, 2022. I’ve been to a lot of concerts but this one had an insane energy within not just the guys but also the crowd. Every single song had the fans on their feet dancing, jumping, screaming, and overall having the time of their lives. About halfway through the set, a fan in the crowd right at the barricade had a medical emergency and went down.

The guys immediately noticed and stopped the set to help and get medics to this fan. This spoke volumes to their character in my personal opinion, as they didn’t restart their set until they absolutely ensured he was okay and had proper help. When they resumed their set, they dedicated the next song to him and had the crowd back on their feet within seconds. Towards the end of their set, Matt Lynott who is the group’s drummer, had a solo that was incredible, to say the least, this man is absolutely insane with the drums which left me speechless. Closing out their encore, they sang “How the West Was Won” and thanked Santa Ana for having them, promising to return soon.

In Closing

Overall this concert was one that had me enjoying every second, I highly recommend going to a show if you ever have the chance. I promise you will definitely not regret it.

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