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Winnipeg Jazz Festival 2024 - Day 2

The 2024 Winnipeg Jazz Festival once again captured the essence of musical excellence, featuring a diverse lineup of artists that thrilled audiences across the city. From the enchanting melodies of guitarist Pasquale Grasso at Knox United Church to the infectious rhythms of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band at the historic Burton Cummings Theatre, this year’s festival delivered unforgettable performances that celebrated the richness of jazz in all its forms.

Pasquale Grasso

One of the standout performances of the festival was by the virtuoso guitarist Pasquale Grasso at Knox United Church. Known for his impeccable technique and deep musicality, Grasso mesmerized the audience with his intricate compositions and soulful improvisations. His ability to blend traditional jazz elements with his own unique style left a lasting impression, earning him praise from both critics and jazz enthusiasts alike. Grasso’s performance at Knox United Church was a testament to the festival’s commitment to showcasing world-class talent in intimate settings. The acoustics of the church provided the perfect backdrop for Grasso’s nuanced playing, allowing every note to resonate with clarity and emotion. As he effortlessly navigated through complex chord progressions and dazzling runs, the audience was transported on a musical journey that showcased the timeless beauty of jazz guitar.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Another highlight of the festival was the electrifying performance by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band at the Burton Cummings Theatre. Hailing from New Orleans, this iconic ensemble brought the spirit of traditional jazz to Winnipeg with their energetic blend of Dixieland, swing, and blues. Led by the charismatic Ben Jaffe, the band’s infectious energy had the audience dancing in their seats from start to finish. The Burton Cummings Theatre, with its historic charm and superb acoustics, provided the perfect setting for the Preservation Hall Jazz Band’s dynamic performance. The band’s repertoire, steeped in the rich heritage of New Orleans jazz, captivated listeners with its vibrant rhythms and soulful melodies. From classic standards to spirited improvisations, each song was delivered with passion and precision, showcasing why the Preservation Hall Jazz Band remains a beloved institution in the world of jazz music.

Audrey Ochoa

In addition to international headliners, the jazz festival also celebrated other wonderful talents. Audrey Ochoa, a rising star in the Canadian jazz scene, wowed audiences with her innovative trombone playing and distinctive compositions at the Royal Albert Hotel. As a standout in the Canadian jazz scene, Ochoa brought her distinctive style and virtuosity to the stage, captivating audiences with every note from her trombone. Known for blending elements of jazz, Latin, and funk into her compositions, Ochoa’s music resonated deeply with listeners, showcasing her prowess as both a performer and a composer. Throughout her set, Ochoa displayed a remarkable command of the trombone, effortlessly navigating through intricate melodies and delivering soulful improvisations that left a lasting impression. Her band, complementing her talent perfectly, provided a dynamic backdrop that enhanced the richness of her sound.

Local Favourites

Joining Ochoa were several other notable local acts who added their own unique flavor to the festival’s lineup. Bands like Free Time, Dr. Henry Band, Flora Luna, Odario, and Romi Mayes brought a diverse range of styles and influences to their performances, showcasing the vibrant and eclectic music scene thriving in Winnipeg. From blues and funk to experimental jazz and beyond, these artists demonstrated the city’s rich cultural tapestry and its deep connection to the jazz tradition.


Beyond the stellar performances on stage, the 2024 Winnipeg Jazz Festival also fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among attendees. Jazz lovers from all walks of life gathered to celebrate their shared passion for music, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere throughout the festival venues. From casual listeners to dedicated aficionados, everyone found something to enjoy amidst the festival’s diverse program of concerts, workshops, and jam sessions.


The festival’s commitment to accessibility was also evident in its efforts to engage with the broader community. Outreach programs, educational initiatives, and free outdoor concerts allowed people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the magic of jazz firsthand. This inclusive approach not only broadened the festival’s audience but also strengthened its role as a cultural cornerstone in the Winnipeg arts scene.

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