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WWE Supershow

WWE brings their Supershow to town along with the biggest super stars from the RAW and Smackdown roaster! It was an unbelievable night with so many wild matches and we caught every second of it!

Six Man Tag Team

Starting off the night was an absolute BIG matchup, a six-man tag team bout between Drew McIntyre and huge fan favorites and Canadian superstars and also the current WWE RAW Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. They Take on members of Imperium Ludwig Kaiser, Giovanni Vinni, and Intercontinental Champion Gunther.

This was a very back-and-forth match, for a while Imperium really had Sami down and out, it was a struggle to get out and make a tag as each member took turns pummeling him, but once able to the big man Drew got in the ring. When I say big man, Drew is a monster of a human! Poor Giovanni tries to go for a hip throw and is unable to move the man and Drew tosses him like a piece of paper.

Just when things are looking good for the trio of Owens, Drew, and Sami, Imperium fights back and now things are looking in their favor for them. That is until Kevin Owens gets on the top rope and delivers a massive Swanton bomb onto Kaiser then finishes him off with a stunner and gets the 3 counts for the win.

Rhea Ripley VS Natalya

In this one-on-one matchup, Natalya takes on Women’s World Champion and Judgement Day member Rhea Ripley.

Wasting no time Rhea doesn’t even let Natalya get in the ring before she attacks. Rhea is as fierce as they come, and she wants to show that she is not one to be taken lightly.

Even though Rhea got the sneak attack on Natalya, she did not let that stop her from fighting back and giving Rhea a challenge! Natalya is as tough as they come, things were going very well for her, and even managed to get Rhea in the Sharpshooter! You can’t count out the champ, she pulls herself out of the situation and takes over the rest of the match. Rhea takes over from there and the rest is history, Rhea drops the riptide on Natalya and the match is over.

Women's Three Way Dance

In this three-way dance, we have Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka vs. WWE Women’s Campion “The Genius in the Sky” Iyo Sky.

Fresh off a loss to Iyo Sky from the night before on WWE Smackdown, Charlotte is looking to get some payback! This was an unbelievable match from start to finish. This was easily one of my favorite matches of the night. These three fought hard like they were at war! From jumps off the top ropes to wild acrobatics in the ring, this matchup is on full send. In the end, Charlotte does not get her revenge and Iyo Sky comes out on top with the victory.

Cody Rhodes VS Damien Priest

Up next, we have a big one Money in The Bank winner and Judgement Day member Damien Priest. Accompanied by Rhea Ripley, Damien takes on fan-favorite The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes

This was an intense matchup, and these guys had a wild battle. After a quick back and forth of punch exchanges, Damien decided he had enough, and he and Rhea started to walk out and down the ramp to leave. Cody was not having any of it and ran after him and forced him back to the ring.

Once back in the ring Damien took over and got the upper hand over Rhodes, Damien had full control over Cody and things were looking not so good for him. After a burst of energy, Cody swung things around and started to fight back, Rhea jumped up onto the ring to distract the ref and while distracted she managed to throw the money in the bank case towards Priest. He grabs the case and smashes Rhodes in the head and down he goes, Damien goes for the pinfall 1,2 but Rhodes kicks out.

After that Cody is fired up, and he goes on an all-out assault of Priest which leads to Cody hitting the Cross Rhodes on Damien to get the 3 count.

Six Man Tag Team

Up next, we have another six-man tag team matchup between Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, and Austin Theory vs. AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Doc Gallows.

Monster matchup between these superstars! This was an epic battle of the giants in this one. These big guys delivered some big moves, from high-flying in the ring to flying outside the ring. To give a little side entertainment Austin Theory grabs the mic and gives his own little commentary during the match. To add his own commentary AJ Styles grabbed the mic to comment but things were not looking good as Cedric was in the middle of pummeling Doc at the time.

As things were heating up in the ring, the excitement turned to the outside as all all-out brawl took place having AJ drop a massive knee to the face of Shelton only to have Cedric sneak up behind him and drop with a clothesline. Finally, the fight heads back to the ring where AJ Styles hits a massive clothesline by jumping off the ropes to get the win.

Zoey Stark & Trish Stratus VS Becky Lynch

This was such a good matchup! First, when Trish and Zoey came out, I was ecstatic, I grew up watching Trish when she first came into WWE so seeing her come out was incredible!

Trish gets into the ring and gets on the mic; she starts off showing her appreciation for Ottawa as she is a Canadian herself. Then she just gives it to the crowd going back on how terrible Ottawa fans are and they can never match Toronto as they just had Smackdown the night before and the Ottawa show is non televised.

Just then “The Man” herself has heard enough; Becky Lynch makes her way to the stage. She gets on the mic and challenges Zoey and Trish to a 2 vs. 1 match. As soon as the bell rang Zoey and Trish went after Becky and beat her down. As they take turns Becky is down but not out, she fights her way back and holds her own. Taking Zoey to the corner props her up on top of the turnbuckle She delivers these massive kicks to the stomach sending Zoey flying into the air.

As Becky and Zoey are exchanging blows, Trish sneaks off into the corner and takes off the top turnbuckle in hopes of getting Becky over there.

Trish grabs a hold of Lynch and makes their way over to the corner, but Becky reverses it and smashes Trish’s head on the exposed turnbuckle. Then Lynch turns around and delivers the Manhandle Slam on Stark and gets the pinfall to win the match.

Seth Rollins VS Finn Balor

Finally, we have reached the main event of the night! In this title match for the World Heavyweight Championship, Finn Balor takes on Seth Freakin Rollins in an Ottawa street fight. With the Heavyweight title on the line and it being a street fight, you knew it was going to be a wild one, and wow did it not disappoint.

Starting off both Finn and Seth take a slow approach, trying not to make the first big move, but it is a matter and who can be more strategic. Balor makes the first moves and takes over the match, soon after Rollins counters and tosses Finn out of the ring.

Being a street fight Finn reaches under the rings and takes a kendo stick that Rollins doesn’t see and as Seth reaches down to grab Finn, he strikes him over the head. As the battle continues in the ring, Balor continues his assault with eh stick over Rollins. But he fights back delivering some serious body punches. At this point, the crowd is on their feet and chanting “We want table!” With a massive grin on his face, Seth jumps out of the ring, goes under, and brings out a table. The arena erupts in excitement, but that does not last long as Balor stops Seth from setting up the table. To make things get worse Finn finds a chair and goes to town on Rollins. Finn goes off on Rollins, blow after blow Rollins is struggling.

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