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Young The Giant in Toronto

Young The Giant in Toronto was a memorable night filled with electrifying performances and incredible energy. The concert featured TALK, Milky Chance, and the headliner, Young The Giant, each bringing their unique style and captivating the audience in their own way.


TALK, a Toronto-based artist, kicked off the night with an immediate stage presence and a bold look. He engaged the crowd by mentioning his current place of residence in North York and joking about the heat. TALK’s performance of his song “Train” set the tone for the evening, delivering an energy-packed performance.

His stage presence was exceptional as he interacted with his bandmates, even playfully putting a cable around one of their necks. TALK’s style focuses on instruments like bass and guitar, adding a distinct rock influence to his sound. The heartfelt song “Save Me,” dedicated to his mother, resonated with the crowd and showcased TALK’s unique qualities as an up-and-coming artist to watch.

Milky Chance

Milky Chance took the stage with a burst of energy and an infectious smile from lead singer Clemens. The duo started their set with the song “Synchronize,” creating a mellow and captivating atmosphere. Clemens and his bandmates engaged with the crowd, dancing and jamming along to their tunes. The crowd joined in, singing the opening lines of their hit song “Cocoon” word for word. Milky Chance created an interactive experience by starting a wave dance, adding to the summer concert vibes. The performance of “Down By The River” from their album Sadnecessary had the crowd on their feet, showcasing their catchy tunes and setting a mellow tone for the night.

Young The Giant

The anticipation built as Young The Giant prepared to take the stage. A visual projection and a short monologue set the mood, followed by the grand entrance of the band. Lead singer Sameer Gadiah commanded the crowd with his chants, and the audience eagerly awaited the once-in-a-lifetime experience with the band. Young The Giant began their set with a powerful performance of “American Bollywood,” a newer release from their 2022 album. Sameer’s unique and commanding vocals resonated with the crowd, who enthusiastically sang along. “Wake Up,” another track from the same album, incorporated Easy Asian sounds, transporting fans to different parts of the world. The song showcased the band’s diverse and unique style. The more mellow and calming song, “Repeat,” acted as a bridge between acts, allowing the band to progress through their planned setlist. Young The Giant’s performance was filled with unmatched vibes and energy, leaving the audience in awe once again.

Overall, Young The Giant in Toronto was a night to remember. Each artist brought their own distinct sound and style to the stage, captivating the crowd with their energy and engaging performances. TALK, Milky Chance, and Young The Giant delivered a fantastic concert experience that left fans wanting more.

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