Action Bronson

The Diamond Mine Agency brought in the one and only Action Bronson to town and it was for sure going to be a night not to miss. Algonquin Commons Theatre played host for The White Bronco tour last night and the stage was set.

The New York native comes to town with a little over a decade into his music and comes with his signature sound. Action is also well known for being an accomplished chef in his own right being a respected fire-flame chef in New York and also having his own show called F*ck That’s Delicious available on Crave Tv.

DJ Acro started out the night warming up the crowd with some tunes while the venue filled it. It was a nice start to the night as things started to heat up a little bit.

Meyham Lauren was along for the ride opening up for Action. Usually you see a few local acts but this time it was down and dirty and got right to it. Mayhem started out the night a few mins late but set the stage on fire right away. He used every piece of the stage and engaged the crowd the whole time. He played some of his well-known tracks and just had fun with it!

Next up, and the star of the night, Action Bronson. He came out and from the start lit into tracks from the While Bronco album. You could tell he was feeling that beat and even if the crowd wasn’t the biggest, he has had it was still a very dedicated group of fans.

Unknown to all it seems like a strobe light hit Action right in the wrong spot and he couldn’t see. He went off stage to get looked at quickly and tried to get back out on stage once more but seems like it was too much for him and he had to cut the show a little short. Now we know this is never the ideal situation, but we hope everything is ok. From back stage Action seemed visibly uncomfortable and you never like to see that.

As he was leaving, he was in the car and a few hardcore fans found out where he was, and he did roll down his window and say hey to them and made their days.

My one goal was to get a picture with the man but I couldn’t make that happen so Action you better be back this way so I can get my picture!

For more pictures click below for full album

Action Bronson Album

Action Bronson Tour Poster
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