Ottawa we are back! Choclair was in the building for the first post COVID concert back. It has been months since the massive shut down which crippled the music industry and preforming artists. As we slowly start getting back to a normal life and reopening of venues the goal is to keep it safe and sound which was number one last night.

The Diamond Mine Agency worked diligently with the staff at The Brass Monkey to make sure all COVID precautions were met. The concert was a ticketed and seated limited event with masks in full effect. I for one am excited to see a sense or normality coming back even if it’s slow. The Brass Monkey played host to the evening as one of the first venues to be able to open and support an event like this.

Ottawa locals

In standard fashion Ottawa showed up to support as several of the locals opened the night up. Starting out the night is Spitten Image. A seasoned MC in the Ottawa scene, he hit the stage and knocked out track after track. He mixed in some old and new along the way. Next up is Ottawa OG Kenny Kingcon. Anyone who knows the local scene knows this man. Kenny hit the stage with support from fellow MC Rukus and a quick spot from Justin Diamond. His signature bullet speed verses injected a little more energy into the room.

Closing out the opening acts is Vante Poems and Jonny Brown. Vante started things out with his smooth R&B style flows getting the crowd into a vibe. Jonny joined him in stage midway through the set and the duo rocked out the next few tracks with energy and skill. These 2 artists have been working together for a long time and you can see how they feed off of each other. Jonny Brown actually produced recent tracks for Vante which shows how deeply they get into the process.


Our headliner for the night is none other than the Canadian HipHop legend Choclair. Best known for being one of the most successful Canadian rappers in the late 90’s. Choclair has won several JUNO’s on top of countless other accolades.

Choclair has worked with some of the best. Pioneer Maestro Fresh Wes, Jully Black, Kardinal Official and Classified to name just a few. As soon as he hit the stage the party started. Choclair came out with some of his best hits including Let’s Ride which got the whole place going. Because this was a smaller intimate show it gave him time to interact more with the crowd which every fan loves. He talked about the radio stations he listened to and even brought up Tarzan Dan from way back in the day and said “HipHop isn’t something you do it’s something you live”. As the whole night progressed onwards Choclair went into an old school medley to make sure and check everyone’s HipHop card.

The night ended and the fans certainly seemed to have a good time. Choclair took for pictures with some of the fans and it was time to head home. Having a concert like this be the first one back was amazing. Not only did I grow up listening to Choclair in my formative years, I now get to hear those songs live. What more can someone ask for.

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  1. The love and support is real, thank you. I appreciate the detail, with also the knowledge that comes with being a major force in the Ottawa hip-hop culture. It was a great night. Vibes were on 100 the whole night.. – Vante Poems

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