CityFolk Festival Day 2

CityFolk Festival Day 2 is in the books and this was a good one. The Summersault Tour practically took over the whole day bringing back the nostalgic 90s rock and roll that we all grew up with.

Today was spent completely at the City Stage today because as much as I would love to, I wasn’t going to be able to catch the second acts to shoot them in time.

Human Kebab

Human Kebab
Human Kebab

First up is Human Kebab on the City stage.

This was a nice way to set the mood and get the music moving. Human Kebab is one half of the team of USS which has seen success on all kinds of levels.

He played some awesome mashups and had the crowd running to the stage to make sure to get good spots.

Dear Rouge

Dear Rouge - CityFolk Festival Day 2
Dear Rouge

Up next for CityFolk Festival Day 2 is Dear Rouge

Just before things got started, we were lucky enough to meet Danielle McTaggart. She came over to chat with all the photographers and told us to make sure to take good pictures of her.

Of course, we were all going to have no problem with that because just how awesome she is on stage. They hit the stage and started out with Modern Breakdown and the crowd was loving in.

Danielle is very dynamic and animated on stage which always makes for a fun show. Following that up was hits Living Through the Night and Boys & Blondes.

The crowd was dancing and singing along the whole time. Just to interact with the fans Danielle went and joined the crowd to rock out a little more.

Awesome start to the night.

Bush – CityFolk Festival Day 2

Bush - CityFolk Festival Day 2

Up next is Bush

The rock band is fronted by Gavin Rossdale and has seen success since 1992. 

There were some issues with the Canadian rock band of the same name but that was since sorted out and the band went to continue its success in the US and less so in the UK.

The crowd was turning out in force the Summersault tour. The guys hit the stage and the crowd went crazy.

They started out the night with Machine Head which pretty much everyone has heard at one point in time. I even caught myself singing along in the photo pit.

Following that up came This is War and Everything Zen and even Glycerine. The fans were all singing and dancing along with songs they loved.

Gavin at one point decided to jump down from the stage and run over to the VIP section and climb to the top to belt out some powerful vocals.

What a killer show.


Live - CityFolk Festival Day 2

On the stage next is Live.

This band is fronted by Ed Kowalczyk and had been around since 1994.

Here on the Summersault tour, they are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their album Throwing Copper.

The band started out the night with Rattlesnake, Selling the Drama and Shit Towne. They weren’t as dynamic on stage at the start of the show which means they must have been saving it up for a little later on.

I was pleased to hear they played one of my favorite tracks Lightning Crashes.

For those whose musical tastes were formed in the 90s this band was certainly on your radar.

Our Lady Peace – CityFolk Festival Day 2

Our Lady Peace - CityFolk Festival Day 2
Our Lady Peace

Closing out the CityFolk Festival Day 2 on the City Stage is Our Lady Peace.

I have been a fan of this band for a long time, so it was going to be awesome getting to shoot one of their shows as well as seeing them live. Still to this day have some OLP tracks on my play lists.

The guys took to the stage and the crowd went nuts. They played tracks from past and future starting out the night with Hiding Place for Hearts. Following that up with Superman’s Dead and Innocent.

You could hear the crowd singingly every word along with them. I was thrilled when I heard one of my favorite tracks Somewhere Out There.

Closing out the night for the encore they brought out Danielle from Dear Rouge for a rendition of Naveed and finishing things off with Starseed.

This is an amazing throw back to 90s rock and roll with CityFolk Festival Day 2. Everyone there was excited on so many levels for the nostalgic trip down memory lane. Day 3 is a full line up which should make for some good times and good music.

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