Corey Hart

Corey Hart

The Never Surrender tour made its way to Ottawa and Corey Hart brought along with him the veterans in Glass Tiger to help make sure the night was a success. This night is set to be a nostalgic throwback to all those amazing tracks from the 80s and 90s we all loved. This was also the chance for Corey to show us all the seasoned professional that he is as he rocked out tracks from his newer music to his diehard fans.

Now those who know me personally know that some of this music is typically considered “Before my time”. One would like to think when it comes to music time has no bounds. Still to this day have some Glass Tiger and Corey Hart in regular rotation on my Spotify playlists. I grew up in the 80s and 90s listening to and loving each and every one of these songs. Boy did this ever bring back some childhood memories. This has been a pretty busy week so far in the office but even in writing this I have Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone) playing in the background.

Glass Tiger

Glass Tiger has been active since 1983 and originated right here in Ontario. They have released 3 studio albums even having a few singles hit the US top 10. They are well known as a favorite to many Canadian’s music fans and many tracks stand the test of time being enjoyed to this day.

Starting off the night with one of their most well-known tracks Don’t Forget Me (When I‘m Gone). This instantly got fans out of their seats and dancing. Next up was My Song followed up by I’m Still Standing which each and every fan sang along to. Thin Red Line was up next and dedicated to all the people who have served or still do in the military which is always a nice thing to hear.

There was an interesting rumor going around that potentially someone was on stage even playing with a broken neck!! That’s true dedication there.

Corey Hart

Next up and the main event Corey Hart. A Montreal Native, Corey has been active in the Canadian music scene since 1981. He has been nominated for a Grammy and also inducted into the Canada’s Music Hall of Fame as well as being on the Canada’s Walk of Fame. He has had 30 Top 40 hits and 9 US Billboard Top 40 hits. This makes for a pretty impressive resume to say the least.

Corey hit the stage being welcomed by a standing roar of cheers from all the fans. Starting out the night was Dreaming Time Again followed up by Bang! (Starting Over) and Boy in the Box. Fans excitedly dance and sang along with ever song and had the best of times. After a small video interlude Corey got on the B Stage. He preformed a more intimate piece to the fans who gathered all around the small stage. He even took the time to walk up and down some of the 100 level sections shaking hands with fans. It’s not every day you have an artist interact with his fans on that level and made for a truly memorable moment for all those involved.

Overall it was a great show that brought back all those feelings when you first heard some of these tracks. Getting to see some of these legends up close and personal made for a memorable night in the books to say the least. Looking forward to more to come.

Corey Hart - Tour Poster
Corey Hart – Tour Poster
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