Dean Brody Live at the Drive-in

We have Dean Brody Live at the Drive-in this past weekend here in Ottawa. Most people don’t know but there was actually a secret private show the next day for Air Miles customers which is pretty awesome. We can’t help but love having some concert out in the world and it certainly is unique having a drive in. DNA live is making life a little more bearable with Livenation and Wesley Clover Park playing host.


Opening the night is a special one for us. One of our previous Spotlight Interviewees, Sacha graced the stage for us all. Now this is the first-time seeing Sacha live but we have some experience with her music. One thing you can see right away is her love of preforming on that stage. She has some powerful vocal ability live and brings that smooth tone right along with it. This was a great way to get the crowd in the right kind of mood with some good country tunes.

Dean Brody

The main event for the night, Dean Brody. Last time we got to see Dean Brody was on his Friends Don’t let Friends Tour Alone with Dallas Smith at the Canadian Tire Center. Dean is a seasoned performer being active since 2004 and he always makes it a party. Dean called this the “Year of Beer” and played some of his crowd favorite songs but also added in a few more. One of my personal favs with the song called I’d Go to Jail which he wrote during COVID about his daughter. He sang a song with a ukulele also! Dean always loves to interact with the crowd. He made sure to shout out people even if they were in their cars and not an actual crowd. He made sure to bring out the Cowboy hat to really seal the deal on the cowboy feel.

Overall the whole show was amazing with Dean Brody Live at the Drive-in. There was even a soccer game on the field next door who I’m sure enjoyed the music. Big thanks to Dean for coming out and entertaining the people so they can shake off the COVID fatigue. Another big shout out to our Spotlight Alumni – Sacha who set the tone of the night the right way. Make sure to check out Sacha’s Spotlight Interview right here to get to know much about this talented artist. Sacha Interview

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