Highlight – Kaash Paige

Highlight - Kaash Paige

With an unstoppable energy fueled by the hustle, We got the opportunity to join a press conference to Highlight – Kaash Paige.

Who is Kaash Paige

At only 19 years old, KAASH PAIGE has just been signed to Def Jam Recordings. While first gaining notoriety in her hometown, she quickly rose to fame after her hauntingly decadent track “Love Songs” went viral on Tik Tok. 

Her name KAASH is an acronym and mantra that the young artists follows; Kill All Arrogance Stop Hatred. It was not until she stopped listening to others’ opinions and stopped the self hating that she was able to commit to herself entirely. Being KAASH PAIGE means being a leader. It means finding happiness in being herself- a goal many folks older than the teen can only wish to attain.

The Music

With a record fueled love, loss and all the feelings in between, KAASH gets raw with listeners. Speaking candidly of heartbreak:

“If you’ve ever been with someone you love so intensely, but you know it’s no good. It can be deadly.”

The feeling of being attached to a person but not knowing how to get away is a message that all people relate to. The message is clear. KAASH wants to leave you with a feeling that you can relate to. “Depression, being in love, etc, going through that. Damn, I been there before”

Watching KAASH straddle the worlds of where she comes from is inspriging. A proud Dallas, Texas native who found out she was trending on Tik Tok while tailgating at her homecoming. She has an emotional maturity that comes from the adversity she faces as both a Black woman, but as a queer person. The music community has been liberating for her.  “I grew up being told to be a certain way, but its liberating to just be free.”


On external influences that brought her here, KAASH is clear on the impact that Frank Ocean has had on the scene, and her specifically. His aesthetic, his natural ease, and the energy he exudes is something she dreams of achieving. That reciprocating of his energy is highly apparent in her iconic track “Frank Ocean”.

From a sound that evolved from her first EP ‘Parked Car Conversations’ to her fully realized “Teenage Dream”. If that hasn’t sold you on KAASH PAIGE, the wisdom that tracks like Jaded deal with should place her in a category above the rest. In her own words, “It’s dealing with leeches… Dealing with fake love, hateful comments.

As someone who listens to a lot of music, there’s no other adulation that can be said outside of KAASH PAIGE’s own words herself.

“I want to be the worlds homie. My music is for the heart.”

Check out Kaash Paige’s new release Teenage Fever out now!

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