Highlight – Mae Muller

Today our Highlight – Mae Muller. With an intimidating diva presence brimming with DIY energy, we all need to add this Mae Muller to our lives

Who is Mae Muller

Mae is a newcomer to the scene, having released her first studio album only last year. The aptly named “Chapter 1” reverberates sounds that span across decades of musical talents and influences. With a sound that harkens back to artists like Lilly Allen, Mae Muller gets real about the duality that exists in life. From love and loss, and how to be outspoken and vulnerable Mae Muller is a force to be reckoned with.

Mae struggled like most artists during the Covid-19 crisis however losing the loss of collaborating hit her hard. Running through the gamut of emotions ranging from anxiety to sadness, Mae was able to fuel that raw emotion in a way different than most. She ended up finishing up older projects that had laid incomplete and repolished gems. Allowing herself space however to feel the emotion of the world and then fuel it inwards was the best possible outcome for this young, daring entrepreneur. Her hard work came to fruition on November 6, 2020 which marks the release of her new EP no one else, not even you.

On the big inspirations and what fueled her writing of this album was the outer rather than the inner dialogue. Running into frustrations and burnout, Mae looked outwards and grabbed new perspective. Taking it outside of her own head and seeing it with a new look on life. Getting out of her own head and seeing what other people go through. This is what added the missing component to her craft.

Her music

Avoiding the burnout and adding the missing piece to her creativity was the only thing missing. Mae’s music, which as documented in her song “So Annoying” draws from real experience. “That feeling of liking someone and falling in love is so annoying which is an inconvenience.” However the double-edged sword and duality of love and life brings an authenticity and honestly to her lyrics that few can manage. Mae wants her listeners to walk away feeling empowered. She draws on a lifetime of insecurities and being taken advantage of by exes and friends giving her a newfound confidence. Using that confidence and self respect fuels Mae into making music that she wishes she had heard growing up. 

The message of holding place and being a role model is something that Mae continues in her social media which is especially aimed at her female listeners. Talking critically of her past media consumption as a younger teen, Mae has a message to her female listeners. “Your feelings are valid, people will tell you that you’re overreacting, and that’s not ok. Know your worth. It’s ok to be outspoken and speak your truth” which is surmised as a “you can like it or you can get lost” attitude. Mae is aware that being a woman these days is tiring. Constantly a warrior and being outspoken is draining, and you need time to be vulnerable. You can be both. You can be anything.

“As for me, I have a platform and it does not matter big or small which I have a responsibility as an artist that’s way more than just music.”

Safe Space

Mae strives to make a safe space for everyone. Social media is not just a gimmick or easy advertising. Mae uses it to raise awareness for the younger generation who are in homes that do not speak of these issues. There are many issues ranging from LGBT communities and the Black Lives Matter movement, however Mae is most critical of Facetune.

Lamenting on the flood of girls messaging her wishing they looked like her, she knew she had to speak out. While acknowledging that it’s a tool of the trade, she is also vocal in reminding fans that it is all fake. Life’s not a race, and Mae advises people who are struggling to do two things. Take that leap and do one small thing to move you forward. The other is to stop comparing yourself to others. The duality of the necessary evil comes around and Mae is again heralded as a role model. Being the voice of reason and awareness that she lacked as a youth. Being authentic is a challenge that she slays effortlessly.

Mae Muller’s new EP no one else, not even you, covers love and loss, but most importantly to be independent in love.

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Highlight - Mae Muller

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