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Today we Highlight – Max Leone and commemorate his first ever EP titled “Malleable.” Max is a Portland-born anti-pop singer who appeared on the scene last year with his single “First grade.” Max is thrilled to have this EP out in the world, a whole year and a half of his passion channeled into an album. Highly inspired by singer-rappers such as Frank Ocean and Kanye, Max finds his own sound blurring the lines of the alt-pop genre. He does not feel exclusive to this genre and is hoping to further expand his sound with upcoming singles.

The album features a dichotomy of sounds from the grit of “The craziest thing I’ve ever done” to the tender “malleable.” Fans will not be short of a colorful array of Max’s diverse ranges. Max’s creative process begins with his guitar. Lyrics follow the melody, and he searches for something to catch his ear.

The album is accompanied by several music videos. “The craziest thing I’ve ever done” as well as “Escape” both are dark and lamentable. They show vulnerability on Max’s part, highlighting his fears and worries. On the other side “Malleable” is a sweet video, filming the landscapes of the city with Max looking contemplative. Here is what the young artist says to the Hidden Beat’s questions:

Malleable is a plaintive track about seeing a friend become a stranger. In a world that idealizes romantic relationships above all else what drove you to write a song about the loss of a friend?  

“When I wrote that song it was very relevant and relatable to many. Everyone has people that they know who they have grown apart from or lost connection with. Also writing about friendship is’nt done very often. I like the idea of writing about a relationship that was platonic but with love there.”

How has growing up in Portland and your family dynamic impacted the worldview that you channel into your music?

“Growing up in Portland was eclectic. I experienced many different types of people and music. I listened to the music of my parents and friends in high school and the internet. That opened the floodgates of music inspiration.”

How do you think your own unique sound differs from those under the same genre and what do you want your impact to be on this era of pop music?

“I feel like the idea of genre is becoming more abstract. I am always trying to think of new words to put before pop. There’s indie-pop, alt-pop we have created. Moving forward I think everyone has their own individual qualities in the alt-pop space, containing one artist into a singular genre isn’t going to be around for that much longer.”

Despite our Highlight – Max Leone coming to an end we want to say thinks to Max for taking the time to talk with us

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