Merkules & Friends

Merkules was coming to Ottawa again and this time he was bringing his friends with him. I had to be at this show because it’s always a crazy night when Merk is in town and it would only be crazier with the crew he brought along.

The BC native his come to Ottawa a couple times and done nothing but kill it every time. For those who don’t know, Merk has a solid online following and loves to do remix covers to songs and beats, Shape of you by Ed Sheeran is probably his most well-known and one of the piece that has catapulted him into the lime light.

When Merk comes to Ottawa his fav venue is The Bourbon Room. So of course they played host once more all thanks to The Diamond Mine Agency.

Merkules and Friends

So in less than typical fashion, there wasn’t anything for Ottawa locals to do in the opening acts for this show. Merk brought the whole crew along for the ride. Opening up we had Luca Mele & the MG, C the Gray and Jay Puzzle to name a few. These guys were new to me but certainly worth a listen to.

Typical to a Merk show the lineup was down the block and around the corner. The openers didn’t have to worry about how many people they would be playing to. They made sure to hook the fans and get them ready for the craziness that was up next.

Evil Ebenezer

It was time for the featured acts to come up. We had Evil Ebenezer come out and play to the crowd in the only way he knows how. They ate it up.


Caspian hit the stage with his grillz just shining and catching that light. He’s got a cool sound and was fun to watch.

lil Windex

One of the ones I was most curious about because I missed last time he was here was lil Windex. I was not disappointed. Windex knows how to “Clean it up” pun intended! For those who know the layout of the Bourbon Room, Windex thought it would be a lot easier just to climb the wall. He hopped over the balcony to get to the second level.


Merk was up next and the whole crowd erupted. He hit the stage and lit into his tracks and standard Merk fashion. This man knows how to get a crowd hyped up keep the party going so much so that the floor shook for his whole set!

End of the night the boys has a meet and greet with some fans and took the time to take pictures and sign some things make sure the fans left with smiles on their faces.

I am a big fan of Merkules. I love when he comes to town and we get to kick it for a few minutes. I’ll be looking forward to his next trip back for sure.

Merkules - Tour poster
Merkules and Friends – Tour Poster
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