New Release Weekend – Vol 11

This is New Release Weekend – Vol 11, new comers and our first 2 time addition to the list. Click the pictures and show some love for some new music.

Immigrant Song – The End of Melancholy

From the stage of rock, legends Led Zeppelin to the mouths of the mega-talented metal band: The End of Melancholy. Contrary to the summer they had a chilling performance. It is not common to see women as main vocalists in the metal industry. Highly recommend. Every note is phenomenal. Furthermore, looking forward to their upcoming album the sneak peeks just keep coming.

Born for This – The Letter Black

An empowering song designed to point finger at sanctioned society. The Letter Black mixes rock and metal for a heavy dance beat. The band challenges individuals on who they are living for, whether themselves or others’ opinions. Another staggering female singer in metal. Where have they been hiding this whole time?

My Last Goodbye – Lost Symphony

Lost Symphony just dropped their new album titled “Chapter 3”. Their music is completely unique. Combining classic orchestral music with electric guitar and hard-hitting drum beats. It gives the allure of a dramatic stage play unfolding before your eyes. They make use of many crescendos to add a feeling of excitement to the piece. 

Lipstick – WILLOW

This 18-year-old pop-rock superstar doesn’t slow down with the hits. She mixed it up with this release. The electric guitar and drums take forefront where the vocals were pulled back creating an echo effect. It makes the song edgier giving the feeling of being played through an empty tunnel. As always, WILLOW’s voice is stunning. The song is a short one. It is a pleasant listen for that short burst of energy we all need.

If I Believed in Love – Foxing

The newest release by indie-pop band Foxing is whimsical and despondent. The song doesn’t rest dormant for too long. It has a huge spike right in the middle where the sound and energy skyrockets. You can feel the entire journey of emotions as the lyrics depict a character who cannot understand love. It is a beautiful story that feels wrapped up in the course of the song.

New Release Weekend – Vol 11

Miracle, Baby – Nothing But Thieves

The first-ever repeat band in the new releases has to go to Nothing But Thieves. Contrary to their last release, this song is slower and less dystopian. While technically being a love song, the band thrives at sneaking subliminal existential messages into their songs. This song reflects on the hopelessness of the human condition. How hoping and praying hardly make miracles happen and we are seemingly alone in the universe. Not exactly the summer tune we were hoping for but it’s hard to say no to these guys.

New Release Weekend – Vol 11

Seventeen Going Under – Sam Fender

Sam Fender is dropping an album in a couple of months and that is exhilarating. He is fairly new to the music scene having only started in 2017 but it doesn’t show in his talent. His sound has a rustic feel that is difficult to compare to any other artist. This song reflects on the brutality and ruthlessness of youth. Fist-fights and constant performance for peers. We don’t talk enough about the pressures of teenhood. Sam shines a light on this predicament and how we need to do more to help our youth.

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