New Release Weekend – Vol 12

This is New Release Weekend – Vol 12 and we have a whole new set of amazing music for you. Click on the pictures and add these to your playlists now!

Rain Song (Feat Colde) – Epik High

The soft-spoken duo dropped “Rain Song.” A characteristic release for the team. It has their well-known lyrical and rap turns to switch every verse. The song is highly atmospheric and relaxed. True to its name, it feels like a rainy day. Colde’s verse is simply stunning. Her voice is crystal clear. They give her a very distinct stage by dropping the music for her to deliver her line.

That Feel – Lex Leosis

Canadian singer-rapper Lex Leosis’s new single “That Feel” unquestionably captures the sounds of a West Coast summer. The rap is delivered with an easy-breezy beat that is both catchy and ebullient. Additionally, Lex’s lyrical content is very positive spreading messages of love, fun, and communication within relationships. This is often not associated with young love. It is great seeing Lex with an agenda to promote these healthy skills.

Like You – GRAE

Upcoming indie-pop singer GRAE brings another hit to the table this month. “Like You” is a soft-pop beat consisting of light drums, guitar, and fanciful back vocals. The narrative is a girl struggling to show love to another when she cannot love herself. A common story that is always effective as almost everyone can relate. The music video is responsive to those who felt isolated in the last year as it radiates feelings of loneliness and solidarity.


Similar to how dystopian novels reveal more about our current world than realism, so does this video. Negative Sixxx made a video of a crumbling, dark world that people are struggling to fight in. Though we are not battling external elements like the world ending, many of us struggle day to day to “Thrive.” The band calls everyone to stand and continue the struggle every day as it will be worth it. The band utilizes heavy vocals and instrumentals to deliver this message.

Aint free – TRS

This dreamy R&B tune will have listeners undergo visions of colours and space. The slow beat is hypnotic. The rap lines are performed beautifully. They blend ceaselessly with the vocals. The artist just started her career recently. This is her 6th single, they all sound as magical as “aint free.” Cannot wait for hopefully an eventual album from TRS.

Lov Sick – Best Friends Club

Let’s throw an instrumental Jazz, electronic, R&B tune into the mix to diversify these new releases a bit. This song is a mixing pot of genres in the best way possible. Every second is a new experience and you never know what beat is coming around the corner. They might start with instruments but don’t be too surprised if other sounds are thrown in. Perfect study or walking around NYC music. 


Love starting off a music video with a viewer discretion warning. That is how you know you are going to be in for a cinematic treat. The Oral Cigarettes have always been known to have a creepy, non-conforming image but this video is not for the faint of heart. The song itself has an amazing guitar line but that is always a guarantee with the group. The song is vigorous and ostentatious. 

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