New Release Weekend – Vol 2

It’s New Release Weekend – Vol 2. We picked some great new tracks to get your excited and add to your playlist for the upcoming week. Make sure to click on the picture to add these artists to your lists!

ILL NIÑO – “All Or Nothing” feat. Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D.

It’s commendable to see musicians using their platform to raise awareness for tough political issues. Their solicitude for the immigrants who have died crossing the US border can be felt powerfully in the lyrics. Undoubtedly the song delivers a harsh message to the noxious government that has failed them.

Friction – Scarlett O’Hara

This song rests in the line between metal and modern rock. It’s repetitious use of the chorus makes for a catchy, light listen. Additionally, the music video is a love letter to classic science fiction. It makes one feel perturbed the same way watching “The Matrix” would, but also absorbs you into the world.

Merci – Never coming back

Just in time for the melting snow, Merci dropped their song “Never coming back.” A fresh summer beat that draws on sounds similar to COIN and Young the Giant. The electronic beats are invigorating and follow the accompanying harmonies and instrumental finely. Finally, the band’s new ep dropping next month will definitely be one to look out for.

New Release Weekend - Vol 2

The Night Cafe – Think It Over

The Night Cafe is going to be the next big face of indie-pop music. Their new song “Think it over” explores similar topics as their previous singles. Along with their general love songs they have themes of insecurity and coming to terms with self-acceptance. The music video is done in a lovely home-movies style. The band has had booming popularity as of late and are ones to get on in these still early days of their music.

New Release Weekend - Vol 2

Twenty One Pilots – Choker

To fans’ relief, Twenty one pilots is back with new music. Ever since their disappearance after their “Blurryface” album, it is always unknown whether the duo will vanish again. This single has received some mixed reviews from the public as the group have pursued a more radio-friendly sound. Indeed, the song is effervescent along with the music video which was colourful and comical. Aside from the music video and music the lyrics still have their twenty one pilots flair that is unchanging.

New Release Weekend - Vol 2

The Black Keys – Going Down South

The song is true to its name. Contrary to their usual sound, early 2000’s rock beats, this song pulls its inspiration from southern techniques. Underneath the slow rhythm and banjo sounds lies the same Black Keys guitar lines that the band is well loved for. Frankly, it is great that the band is experimenting with sounds and styles. They always keep their audience on their toes.

New Release Weekend - Vol 2

Kulick – Crawling

Kulick has rereleased some of his hit songs off his last album but in a coffeehouse style. “Crawling” has been remade into a song even more despairing than it once was. Without the heavy instrumentals we are left with the lyrics and a lowkey beat that sink deep. Kulick’s morose voice fits this style exceptionally. It was genius to remake the songs this way as they now fit into an indie genre and can reach a new kind of audience. The song can now be enjoyed for two different moods.

New Release Weekend - Vol 2

Gustavo Bertoni – Como Queria Te Deixar Entrar

This was a collaboration piece done with Giovanna Moraes made so beautifully by the exquisit harmonies by the duo. The song goes through several tempo changes as well as adding instruments throughout the song which adds a layer of excitement. This is a Portuguese-English Jazz tune that feels perfect to listen to on a rainy day.

New Release Weekend - Vol 2

The Technicolors – Dress up for you

Finishing this list off with a leisurely love song about wanting to look good for the one you love. The Technicolors makes use of electric sounds and background vocals to add to the charm of the song. Alongside their other recently released singles, this song falls into the indie-alternative genre. Without a doubt, an amazing song to lighten anyone’s state of mind.

New Release Weekend - Vol 2

Still Woozy – Kenny

With a nice melodic flow Still Woozy releases Kenny. This song is a prefect song to sit and relax to while being absorbed by dreamy acoustic notes while you reflect on your day. There is also a video out for this one while simple it still tells a story that leaves you wanting more.

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