New Release Weekend – Vol 3

It’s New Release Weekend – Vol 3. We picked some great new tracks to get your excited and add to your playlist for the upcoming week. Make sure to click on the picture to add these artists to your lists!

All my Favourite Songs – Weezer with AJR

This is the dream collab of alt kids everywhere. AJR has grown exponentially in the last few years and will continue to grow after a collaboration with such a well-known band. We all know and love the song but having AJR on board adds a special touch. Their echo and background vocals are disparate and accompany Weezer’s nicely. They even brought in the classic jazzy instrumentals that AJR is favored for.

New Release Weekend – Vol 3


When it comes to exploring the surreptitious thoughts in the human mind the metal genre is unmatched. This song examines those who live a “normal” life but no longer feel like themselves. Trying to work a 9-5 job, attending therapy, and finally keeping up appearances while having a growing darkness inside.  Unveiling mental health issues in media forms like music is part of a wide movement to gradually undo the stigma of mental illness. Revisionist is doing a great job of this, cannot wait for their next single.

New Release Weekend – Vol 3

The Tea Party – Summertime

Just as the heat heightens in Ontario, this Canadian band releases their song “Summertime.” The song sounds as summer should, with its buoyant guitar lines and simple, roundabout lyrics. The band has been making music for 30 years now, but every song feels fresh. They always cross rock-genre lines with every single. This single feel modern and convivial. Keep an eye out for more The Tea Party content coming to Hidden Beats very soon! (Foreshadowing much?)

New Release Weekend – Vol 3

Saliva – Click Click Boom

Saliva’s new EP titled “20 Years Later” is exactly as its name sounds. The band has rerecorded some of their hit songs from their popular 2001 album “Every Six Seconds.” Unlike the original, this remake has an accelerated tempo along with more belligerent vocals. It is of interest to remake songs years later to demonstrate how much the band has grown in their sound and abilities.

New Release Weekend – Vol 3

Current Joys – Dancing in the dark

This is the first song off Current Joy’s new album titled “Voyager” The song starts very soft and builds into an intense crescendo towards the bridge only to fall back down at the end. “Dancing in the Dark” is a beautiful piece to start the album with as you get a preview of the sounds you can expect from the album. Both stunning melodic piano solos and the grittier guitar and drums verses. The whole album in general is a showcase of instrumentals and they use vocals to add to them rather than the usual opposite.

New Release Weekend – Vol 3

Troye Sivan, Regard, Tate McRae – You

It has been a pleasure to see the evolution of Troye’s music. From self-recording acoustic songs to big stage pop. It has been enjoyable in every era. This new song, a soft-pop electric beat is an experimental sound for Troye, but it works. Collaboration pieces are always pleasant as the three artists all bring segments of their own style and fit them together. The result is a chill beat that is just shy of a dancing tune but still uplifting.

New Release Weekend – Vol 3

Inhaler – Who’s Your Money On?

Coming in at 6 minutes and 22 seconds, this is the song you play when you beg your friend for the aux cord, and they tell you to play just one song. Despite the song’s length every verse feels independent to the previous. This makes for an exhilarating listen as you are swept with the changes in tempo and mood. The last 2 minutes feel remnant of M83’s style. Very soft and cradling. This is a song to check out for any fans of M83.

Chayce Buckham – 23

In the lines between rock and country sits Chayce Buckham’s new single “23”. Fans of either genre can find something to enjoy. It keeps the classic country sounding vocals with heavier guitar and drums then you usually find in a country song. The lyrics are highly personal and recounts the struggles of dealing with alcoholism at a young age. It tells the story of a life and how it came to the present. Despite the pain through hardships, he has had loved ones by his side.

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