New Release Weekend – Vol 4

It’s New Release Weekend – Vol 4 time. Here are some new tracks for your weekend to help your week go a little bit better. Click on each picture to add some new tunes to your old playlist

Ur Gonna Wish U Believed Me – Cavetown

Thankfully, the weather has warmed and the pubic’s elevating mood doesn’t mean the sad bops have to stop. Cavetown delivered on that. Cavetown is amazing for needing nothing more than their guitar and voice to make an emotionally penetrating song. “Ur Gonna Wish U Believed Me” is about a lost love and self destruction. Everyone relates to arguing with a loved one but Cavetown proposes that one can be right, but at what cost?

Violet! – Waterparks

The esteemed pop-punk trio is back with their latest album: Greatest Hits. Their opening song “Violet!” follows “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift, “Maniac” by Conan Gray and “Before he cheats” by Carrie Underwood in discussing a noxious ex. While not everyone can relate to the lyrics the song is still enjoyable for being upbeat and rhythmic.

Sun Goes Down – Lil Naz X

The dichotomy between Lil Naz X’s recentent songs reflects amazingly on his ability as an artist. Until now, fans always expected a hype dance tune but he turned the tables with this new release. Undoubtably, the intransigent artist showed a lot of vulnerability in “Sun Goes Down” opening up about his struggles with depression and the difficulties of growing up as a gay POC. “Imma make my fans so proud of me” they definitely are right now.

Something – Dayglow

This tune is a reflection of the time it was released. Short, bouncy and finally playful like spring itself. It recounts an earlier time when the world was carefree and one could have a night on the world with their friends. The bizarreness of the music video feels hopeful that the world can return to that peaceful state again in the near future.

Our House – The Head and the Heart

“Our house” by The Head and the Heart captures the essence of cottage core. It gives you the same feeling of watching the introduction of the movie “Up.” Seeing Carl and Ellie be in love and grow old together. That feeling of comfort and contentment. This is the song embodiment of that.

Astronomy – Conan Gray

The vastness of the ever expanding universe and first love gradually drifting apart is a beautiful and tragic parallel that Conan has connected. This song resurfaces feelings for those left in the past that one didn’t know they missed until hearing this song. Conan has a way of writing sad songs but mixing in a healthy dose of nostalgia so in the end it feels bitter-sweet.

Ouch – The Tragically Hip

Everyone’s favourite Canadian-Dad-Rock Band is back with a new album. They felt as though something had been left incomplete in their 2017 disband which led to this reunion. Since 1984 the band has been putting out hits and “Ouch” is no different. With just a hit of the twang that is common in Canadian rock this makes for a hype song.

brutal – Olivia Rodrigo

Inspired by iconic female artists such as Taylor Swift and Haley Williams, Olivia released her first album titled “SOUR.” The first track “brutal” discusses insecurity and feelings of wasting one’s youth. Though Olivia is 18 years old, all ages are able to relate to this message. Oliva’s sound is just shy of pop-punk in this song. Watching her budding career is a privilege and the world is anticipating what the young star will do next.

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