New Release Weekend – Vol 5

It’s New Release Weekend – Vol 5 time. Here are some new tracks for your weekend to help your week go a little bit better. Click on each picture to add some new tunes to your old playlist

Small Talk – THE FRST

First up we have multi-talented musician The Frst is well respected for his incredible one-man band act. All drums, guitar, vocals, and percussion are all performed by him. This new music video, a simple concept for a garage band is impressive when you consider the takes for him to play every instrument himself. He is inspired by grunge artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, and Linki n Park. The song dives into the isolation the world is experiencing during the pandemic and how small talk could become a thing of the past.

The Game of Hip Hop – Spitting Image/Masta Ace

As a tribute to the early days of Hip hop, what we have here is a real love letter to this well-adorned genre. It is so nostalgic to hear those record remixing sounds that we have missed for so long. These artists wanted to spread the message that they love music first and their careers secondly. Definitely check this one out to support one of our very own Ottawa-raised artists.

New Release Weekend – Vol 5

Catching Fire – Sum 41/Nothing, Nowhere.

New emo meets old emo in this song about the importance of suicide awareness. They gathered fans from around the world who have lost a loved one to suicide to appear in the video to give a eulogy to those who passed. Though the song is amazing it is important not to look past the message and reach out either for yourself or for a friend.

New Release Weekend – Vol 5

Butter – BTS

Now for the boy band who have taken the hearts of billions worldwide. Superstars BTS are back with their new single “Butter”. This song is a special gift for Europeans and North Americans as it is entirely written in English. Even so, it is not short of a classic BTS song, upbeat and lovable. The song is so catchy in fact you will find yourself singing along after just one listen. Their fans continue to break streaming records with every new release. No other band can keep up, it’s just BTS competing against their own banging releases.

New Release Weekend – Vol 5

Brace for Impact – FLOTSAM AND JETSAM

Flotsam and Jetsam are true to their roots. As a band that started in the 80’s they have not lost any of their energy, style, or love for their music. Fans are loyal as their sound has remained consistent through the years. This song hypothesizes the end of the world through a meteorite impact. It is heavy not only in sound but also in message. The instrumentals are highlighted through electric guitar solos. They display their many years of hard work and dedication to their art.

New Release Weekend – Vol 5

All I Know – The Ghost Club

On the surface, this is a bright song with a comedic animated music video about a boy being abducted by aliens. Upon closer inspection however, one message is about feeling trapped in adult life. Following the lyrics, the music video is also a loop. Fans have pointed out this is a common theme in The Ghost Club’s lyrics, about disillusioning the concept of growing up. The desire to go back to the past when life was simpler, rather than the mundaneness of adult life.

New Release Weekend – Vol 5

Mystery – Matt Maltese

Lastly, keeping true to the trend of ending these off with a temperate love song this week we have “Mystery” by Matt Maltese. Matt has exploded in popularity recently thanks to a song of his you might have heard of going viral. If you’re curious as to what song that is you might have to give him a search. He is a wizard at writing beautifully captivating songs. They depict pure love in all different stages and situations. This particular one is slower than his other releases. It assures his desire to spend with rest of his life with his love.

We like music and we know you do to. If we could add all new music here we would. Get your music on the list now

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