Spenny and Sam The Caveman

Ottawa, we have another one for you. Spenny and Sam The Caveman came to town to finish off the weekend with some laughs and some music. This isn’t the first time Sam, The Greasy Caveman has been in town. The same with Spenny from Kenny vs Spenny.

The Brass Monkey plays host again to an amazing show brought to you by The Diamond Mine Agency. Social distancing protocols in place once again this show actually sold out! It’s great to see Ottawa coming out and being safe. Opening the night is an Ottawa local who is either named after a truck or an animal. Ahram (I hope I’m spelling that right) got the crowd into the right frame of mind. He has some great jokes and anecdotes from his life.

Spenny and Sam The Caveman

Sam The Caveman

The Greasy Caveman, Sam Losco, is next on stage. One of the cast of The Trailer Park Boys, Sam is a general annoyance of Bubbles Ricky and Julien. He even kidnapped Randy in season 6. Sam hit the stage with his COVID outfit of trash bag and mask but in true greasy form that sweat filled bag didn’t stay long. This is the first show in almost a year for The Caveman and it was cut a little for social distancing. Same did make sure to say Fu@k the mask police as he ran through the crowd really quickly. He sang a few songs including a cover of Angel by Shaggy. Because he couldn’t bring someone on stage, he brought it his own Jr. Losco with a stuffed Homer Simpson.


Closing out the night is Spenny. Known for being the nice guy on the hit TV show Kenny Vs Spenny. Spencer Rice is also a very accomplished musician. Fans listened a few songs and of course in true KvS fashion some heckling. Spenny learned how to roll with the punches being abused by Kenny for so many years but you can also see how much the fans loved him being there. He played a mix of funnier songs and some serious covers. Spenny is actually an amazing guitarist and surprised a lot of the people there. Lot of good tunes filled the room with some funny story’s lots of jokes and heckling.

Spenny broke into a fun rendition of My Ding-a-ling which prompted the Caveman to sprint to the stage and join in the fun. They finished out the performance with a hug and a thank you to the fans. There is a few pictures and some merch at the back of the venue. Randomly enough Sam got back on stage and decided to answer some questions while getting a beard trim from Chris at Kings Own Barbershop. Chris did his best and it turned out really well even with Caveman none stop talking to make sure you check out the shop linked below.


Spenny and Sam The Caveman gave Ottawa a fun night thanks to The Diamond Mine Agency. Make sure you check out more events coming up.

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