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Today we Spotlight – Frank Moyo. Frank sits down with us to talk about his journey in music. Opening for artists like Bif Naked and amassing plays of his music it made sense that we learned more. Check it out now.

What got you started in music? What is one of your first memories of music in your home?

Growing up, my family was not a predominately music orientated family. I would listen to music from old Elvis cd’s my uncle would play whenever we were over his house, or Italian folk music at family gatherings. I got into music and writing when I was about 11 years old, which is when I bought my first guitar and started penning down song ideas.

Who are some artists that influenced your sound? Who are some artists fans would be surprised you love?

Some of the main artists that I love and have had an influence on my music would be Johnny Cash, Coldplay, Neil Young and Ray Lamontagne. Other musicians that have profoundly shaped who I am as a musician would be from Italy, including Lucio Dalla, Luciano Pavarotti and Jovanotti. Most people do not know this but I have a huge passion and love for techno and deep house music.

How do you think growing up in a multicultural city like Toronto shaped who you are as a person?

Growing up in Toronto really gave me an open and welcoming perspective to various cultures and genres of music. My love for traditional folk music from various countries as well as the impact that Indigenous music and traditions have shaped me into the musician I am today.

You are known in Toronto for your grind- playing hundreds of live shows. How do you stay motivated?

I have been playing shows since high school and I will probably be playing shows till I die. I stay motivated through the thought of reliving the feeling that I get whenever I play live. Whenever I get to showcase my music and passion, is when I feel most alive.

Your new single Bedside Love Song feels like a smooth ballad for hot summer nights. What does the song mean to you, and what was it like recording/writing it?

The song just came naturally to me. It starts with the hook. Repeating the words “I’m so in love with you” over and over again until they clearly create the basis of the song. The song is a representation of a moment in time, impossible to translate through social media or even a conversation. A time and place that holds a piece of who you are. Or a memory stored deep away in your mind. Bedside Love Song is meant to give listeners the chance to reminisce on past moments they may have shared alone or with others.

Bedside Love Song is the follow up single to House in LA which dropped end of April. With 2 back-to-back singles can we expect an upcoming EP this year?

It has been a busy couple of months to kick off 2021. Between House in LA and Bedside Love Song there has been many new adventures and possibilities that have arisen. Both songs are very close to me and putting out a larger work with more titles is a goal of mine. At the moment I would like to give these two tracks the space and attention they deserve.

Your EP Waves released in 2016. How have you grown as an artist in contrast to now?

There has been so much time and events that have occurred between now and then. From new producers to new styles of music and different perspectives on life. My writing has taken quite a drastic turn in terms of genre and sound. I like where I am going now, but there are still a few unreleased songs back from the Waves era that still need to see the light of day.

What would you have done differently on the Waves EP?

I wish I could have given myself more credit for putting that work out. Getting on to national television and organizing a release as well as music video would seem a daunting feat to any 21-year-old. For me it just seemed as though it had to be done.

A few years back you had the opportunity to travel and support Bif Naked on tour. What was she like?

The tour was last March and it was incredible to tour with such a Canadian Icon across southern Ontario. I learned so much from Bif, and her kind and giving attitude really did change my outlook on many things regarding the music industry.

What are some of your favorite memories from touring?

The best memories came from meeting new people, and getting an understanding of how passionate people are about new music and artists. Ontario is filled with amazing and beautiful people, and I am so grateful for having the chance to meet some of them!

You are incredibly open and proud of your Italian heritage. If you must pick one: panettone or espresso? What are some of your favorite memories growing up?

I would pick espresso since it is a staple of my daily diet. Growing up with my grandparents and visiting Italy truly shaped me into who I am today. Being given the opportunities to explore my heritage and listen to stories that my grandparents continue to tell me is truly special.

I am curious as someone who plays in bars and clubs a lot, how was the pivot to online shows for you?

Moving to online shows has been a challenge but with all new challenges we need to be positive and embrace them, as well as make the most out of them. Hopefully we will be playing venues soon.

What are the harsh realities of being a musician/performer that the average person does not know about?

It’s a constant battle, but if I did not love it, I obviously would not be doing it! Soon being unknown will hopefully change.

Spotlight – Frank Moyo is a wrap. Thank you to Frank for taking the time with us.

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