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Today we shine our Spotlight – Jungle. This UK duo is bringing back some vibes with some disco-infused sounds. Their newest release Loving in Stereo is out officially and it’s certainly worth a listen. Check out the convo below!

How did growing up in your hometown in England help to shape your music? How do you think your sound would have changed if you grew up anywhere else?

London is the most culturally diverse city in the world, so from a very young age, we have had our eyes opened to music and art from across the globe. London is a melting pot of ideas, and British musicians have always used their influences to inform their art.

The release of your brand-new album “Loving in Stereo” is upon us. How are we feeling about it? Any particular tracks you are very eager for your fans to hear?

It’s our best album to date and we’re really excited to share it with the world. I can’t wait for the fans to hear it all, but the last track “Can’t stop the stars”, is my favorite. The orchestration is something really special.

The album has been described as “getting back to your roots.” What does that mean for you?

It’s the album we’ve been trying to make for a long time. It feels fun and carefree again which was our aim from the very beginning. It’s easy to get lost and take yourself too seriously, but we’re definitely just going with the flow again now.

The music video for the latest single “Truth” is so enriched with colors, choreography, and narrative. Would you share with us some insights into the imagination behind the project as well as the collaborators?

We filmed 14 videos in 5 days and “Truth” was the last video that we shot. We didn’t play the dancers the song until we got on set because we wanted to capture their purest reaction to the music. Allowing them to express themselves and not over-choreograph them made a really unique video.

“Truth” is a high-energy, upbeat song filled with good vibes and positive messages. How does this single align with the rest of the album? Can we expect a dichotomy of themes?

The album is just a realization that we can do anything. “Truth” is definitely a song that is unexpected for us, but that’s a very liberating place to be as a writer and producer. When you are taking yourself out of your comfort zone it’s really exciting. 

Your group never gets comfortable. Across your career, the band is always growing, exploring, and pushing to new horizons. Where does the inducement come from? How do you overcome the fear of trying new things?

That’s exactly what it is, fear. Ultimately fears are just manifestations of the parts of our egos that don’t want to be criticized, but as we get older we’ve realized that it’s all nonsense and that these fears essentially don’t exist. That gives us the confidence to experiment and surprise ourselves.

On the lines of trying new things, you guys started your own music record! It is amazing to take that huge step in order to pursue greater creative freedom. How do you manage your time with the band and the company? What are the greatest rewards, and difficulties with managing your own label?

We have total control now which is great. There is no way that a big label would let us make a video for the whole album. Sometimes, when you work with a label, they can make you question your own art, which can be super damaging. Ultimately it’s about trusting our taste implicitly now and having no boundaries.

Jungle, the original duo, feels like a puzzle piece in a huge picture. The group collaborates with many artists it becomes collective energy. How do collaborations compare to individual releases? Why are joint forces so essential in the identity of Jungle?

There is just no way that we could do this on our own. Whether it’s the band onstage, the dancers, camera crews, designers, or our management team, Jungle couldn’t exist on the scale that it does without a lot of input from a lot of talented people.

As a band going on 8 years of activity, what can you say are the key most important things you have learned about being a musician?

Never give up on your dreams, and expect the unexpected.

Have you ever received a piece of bad advice when it came to your career? What did you do with it?

Someone told us after we made the first album that we should start a new band. Obviously, we didn’t listen to that advice haha.

After taking a peek at the upcoming tour dates, I saw that Jungle is doing a show in the Hidden Beat’s country, Canada! I have to know, are you planning on doing any sightseeing while you’re here? (There probably won’t be snow in October but I cannot promise anything.)

I actually have a load of family in Canada so I’m really excited to see them all as it’s obviously been a long time since I’ve seen any of them. Apart from that, I’d love to see some basketball or play some hockey.

Speaking of the tour, your albums are always crafted with live shows in mind. They are always a highly engaging and vivacious experience. Any hints you can share with us about the upcoming tour? What can we expect?

Expect the unexpected. 😉

Spotlight – Jungle is a wrap. Thanks to the guys for taking the time to chat with us

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