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We have Spotlight – Nix on deck today to end out the week. We got the chance to catch up with this talented Toronto based artist to talk music and new release Fools out now. Take a look at what we had to chat about now!

You come from quite the musical background. What started you in jazz and classical violin growing up?

I was fortunate enough to attend a school that had an exemplary music program and music teacher, and that was where my love for music began. Outside of school I picked up the piano, but it was in school where I picked up the violin, and had the opportunity to perform in jazz choirs and jazz bands.

While you were in high school you won a Young Adult poetry award that really sparked your interest in the writing aspects of performing. What was it about writing that gave you the bug? Was it the writing process, the competition itself?

I was always a voracious reader as a kid, and storytelling was something that I found pleasure in… creating new worlds that I could escape to. To be honest, the competition did not excite me in the least… I was just happy to write a poem that I knew someone else had to read! It was a shock to learn that I won.

Spotlight - Nix

Over the last 2 years you’ve been a finalist in the Music City Song star Competition, UK Songwriting Competition, International Songwriting Competition, the Great American Song Contest amongst others. Do you find it difficult putting so much of yourself out there?

I don’t find it difficult to put myself out there, because I want to. I am so happy that competitions like those ones exist to give artists like myself a chance to further their career and get exposure. There is definitely a lot of nail biting and patience required to see if you come out a winner!

Entering and constantly enrolling in these competitions must be emotionally draining, what kind of self-care do you find works for you?

Yes! It is. Especially when you have to wait months to find out if you’re a semi-finalist, months again for a finalist, etc. For self-care, I am a huge fan of hot showers, and “me-time,” which usually consists of doing nothing but lying in bed, listening to music or a podcast and working on a Sudoku.

What is the best advice someone has given you over the years you have been performing? What words of advice do you want to pass along to others just starting out?

The best advice I have received is to just go for it… no shame, no gain. You really have to put yourself out there, be fearless, and do not let anything hold you back. If you want it, go get it.

You routinely get compared to heavy hitters like Dua Lipa and Christina Aguilera. How does it feel that after only a handful of singles and releases people have already clocked your talent as being of that high a caliber?

I still get goose bumps when people tell me that. It is beyond flattering to hear that when your whole life has been dedicated to your craft. For me especially, my voice has been my #1. Before instrumentation and songwriting, it’s my voice and love for singing that made me want to become an artist. So to be compared to Christina Aguilera, who I think is the greatest vocalist of our time, is the greatest compliment I could ever receive.

Spotlight - Nix

You released your first EP “Nix” back in 2017, and a follow-up track “Tastes Like Sugar” in 2019, how did it feel to finally have all that hard work and effort pay off and finally see the finished product?

I am such a perfectionist. Typical Virgo. And when I work on something, I can take way too long to get it done. And it’s scary to release it! Because I think it’s perfect, and I want others to think it’s perfect, but I know that’s not realistic, so I just pray that people won’t hate it! Haha. But it feels amazing to share it with friends, family, and then of course find out that fans around the world really connect to your music too – and that’s the icing on the cake.  It’s also unreal to hear the finished product, and think of the musical journey it took to get there – from the first lyric, to the first note, to this beautiful masterpiece in the end.

Your 2019 breakout hit “Playing With Fire” is out of this world amazing. It has elements of old school, 90s Rnb, but also contemporary pop. What was the creative process like writing that?

Well thank you! I started out with the song title actually… I usually like to start with a catchy title that can spark a story… and then from there I knew I wanted to write a song about the beginnings of a new romance, and the qualms someone might have before jumping into a serious relationship.

Earlier this year you were selected as the face for the Whoozl app’s international rolloutcampaign, what did it feel like seeing your face everywhere like that?

Yes! That was a really surreal thing to see. Whoozl is an awesome app for independent artists, and for listeners that want to hear fresh voices, and discover up-and-coming acts. Artists can upload their own music through the app, create a profile, and fans can listen! I highly recommend it for artists and fans.

While most fans know you for your more pop-influenced tracks, you are also a not-so-secret Radiohead fan. You recently released a cover of their major hit “Creep.” What is your emotional connection with the song, and what prompted its release?

I am a huge fan of Radiohead, Coldplay, Led Zeppelin… I could go on… but bands like these that many might not associate me with. And as a singer, it’s nice to experiment and explore different styles beyond what I release as an artist. In terms of Creep, sometimes I feel like I don’t belong… a little more obscure or different from what others think I am. There’s a lot more to me than what’s on the surface, and when someone gets to know me, they are usually surprised. It’s nice to put out covers and show people there’s more layers to me than expected.

You released a few at home shows during quarantine, how else have you been keeping mentally active and busy?

I have been working out a lot – I put in a home gym actually! I found that my daily walks just weren’t enough and I needed to get back to the same level of physical activity that I had pre-COVID when I was able to go to a gym. Also I now the proud owner of a cute maltipoo named Harley! She’s my COVID puppy and she has definitely kept my spirits up.

Your new single “Fools” is really impressive; I’ve listened to it a few times now. You can tell that your sound is evolving but staying true to your vibe. Is it difficult to tie both those lines? Can fans expect an EP soon as well?

I love to experiment with different genres and styles that speak to me, and sometimes it’s a challenge to keep it all within the same realm of my other songs so that I’m not totally switching directions… so it can be a challenge. I have a couple more singles that I will be putting out, and I’m planning an EP for late 2021.

Spotlight - Nix

What was the process like coming up with “Fools?”

Easy! Fast!Haha. I’m unfortunately no stranger to the toxic world of online dating/dating apps, so the idea of “Fools”was something I really wanted to write about and it came naturally.

Now with things slowly reopening, what are some of your local bars/restaurants/go-to places you are excited to get back to? Any shoutouts you want to give?

Oh goodness, I am so thrilled that bars and restaurants are opening up, but the future of live performing still looks bleak. Which is such a hit to the music industry.  To be honest, I’m just glad I can finally get a pedicure!

What would you like to say to your fans reading this?

If you’ve been with me since the beginning, thank you! And if you’re just hearing about me for the first time – hello!I hope you enjoy my music, my story, and I would love to hear from you! Please keep in touch and connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or drop a line through my website. I hope my music brings you joy, and thank you for supporting my journey.

This Spotlight – Nix is at an end. I want to send a big thank you to Nix for taking the time to talk with us.

Make sure to check out Fools out now!

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