Spotlight – Olivia Lunny

It’s time for some new music and today our Spotlight – Olivia Lunny. Hailing from Winnipeg Manitoba, Olivia is coming off a win on season 2 of The Launch. We were excited to spend some time talking about her love of music and the new release of Think of Me out now!

Spotlight - Olivia Lunny

You come from a quite creative family, your brother and manager Christian is the CEO and co-founder of several impressive companies. Have you 2 always been competitive with each other? Supportive? What was it like growing up in a household with 2 incredibly passionate and creative types?

My brother and I have always been each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Growing up and witnessing his success was incredibly motivating and led me to the mindset that anything is possible if you practice patience and hard work. We definitely feed off of each other’s energy and passion- that being said, we both have very strong personality types so we have our fair share of debates and challenge each other’s ideas often. I definitely feel blessed we get to work as a team. Since he’s come on board as management we’ve really taken things to the next level. I’m really looking forward to what we can accomplish in the years ahead as a team/sibling duo.

You are very passionate about Winnipeg, your home town, boosting it up, but with travelling around the country, do you still think you guys have the best poutine? Favorite place in Canada you’ve played so far (other than hometown faves)? Where’s somewhere you want to play here in Canada?

Winnipeg will always have my heart! Our poutine however was one-upped when I tried the poutine of ALL poutine’s last summer in Quebec City (at FEQ)!  (Winnipeg remains a close second…) I had the chance to play In PEI at the Cavendish festival last summer and that was a huge highlight. Such a dreamy place. Future wise, I would love to hit the West Coast and play in Vancouver someday soon!

Who is your biggest music inspiration and why?

I always find this question so difficult to answer. Over the years I’ve been exposed to so much different music. Because of this, my inspiration has come from a collective group of artists. Coldplay will always however be one of my first and present favourite bands. (I admire their authenticity and identity in their sound!)

The video for Blacklight, super cool, great song, talk us through the inspiration for that. After being on The Launch were you a bit more comfortable with the creative process in the video.

Thank you!! Blacklight was the first music video/shoot I had ever been a part of. Through being on the launch, I really evolved both as a person and artist. I feel that Blacklight was the first project “post launch” where I got to explore another side to my artistry. The video itself represents how people run from their insecurities. In the case of the video, “insecurities” are shown as people lurking in the shadows. This video was so fun to shoot and the director Haille Tut is such a talented up and coming fellow female creative.

What is the best advice you’ve been given so far?

Be patient & the only person you’re competing against is yourself. I find it so easy to get distracted and start comparing goals to others etc. irony is, when you can stay disciplined and zoom into your own goals/ life- that’s when you will become the happiest and most successful.

Big year for you, winning CTV’s the Launch, must’ve been pretty wild, walk us through what that was like, how it felt to win.

2019 was a very surreal and crazy ride- I went on The Launch with absolutely no expectations. I was the most excited to simply have my music heard by such a large television audience. Winning opened up a whole new chapter for me and I’m forever grateful for my time on the launch because of that. Receiving validation from industry moguls was 100% the reassurance I didn’t know I needed. This really helped me gain some confidence on the writing side of things and at the same time was incredibly humbling. The music industry is a wild place, every artist’s journey is so individually unique, and I feel blessed that this opportunity has become a big part of my story and stepping stone so early on in my career.

What was the experience like working with Scott Borchetta?

Scott is such a kind and passionate human being. I really felt supported and respected working with him. He also has a great ear for music so receiving positive feedback from him was amazing.

You received a lot of praise from Jann Arden specifically, what’s it like having a Canadian icon gush over you so blatantly?

The “gush” was 110% reciprocal! Jann is so talented and an iconic Canadian. Hearing her speak the way she did about my music was a surreal and special moment. I will always hold that moment in my heart.

What was the process like writing with Tyler Shaw for the new single Think Of Me?

Tyler is one of the kindest, most genuine people I’ve met. I found the writing process with him very easy and organic. I think our styles of music blend really nicely, so collaborating has been really fun.

What is the story you are trying to tell with your music? What’s the story behind Think Of Me?

I almost always draw inspiration from personal experiences (whether I’m aware of that or not). The narrative in my songs explore the different perspectives and sides to experiencing love. Think of Me is a post break up anthem with a nostalgic feel. I had gone through a recent break up, Tyler had a concept and melody idea, 3 hours later the song was born!

With the new release is there any plans for shows and or tours coming up?

Yes- I hope so! The world’s chaotic right now though so I think the most important thing we can do is stay home and enjoy music digitally

Finally what would you like to tell your fans?

Thank you for listening, thank you for allowing me to create.


Check out Think of Me available now!

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