Spotlight – Peter Jackson

We have a truly Canadian one today with Spotlight – Peter Jackson. Peter is one of the top rising Canadian hiphop artists today based out of Toronto. He has preformed with big names like Fetty Wap, MGK and members of Wu-Tang clan to name a few. Ive personally seen several of his shows and you can see the passion he puts into his music. We finally got to chat about his music and the upcoming release of his new album.

Spotlight - Peter Jackson

So, you started off in the music industry back in the early 2000s. Was it difficult making a name for yourself? How do you think the scene has changed over the years?

I started in the music Business about 9 years ago, I think things have changed a lot. Social Media has played a massive role in making things easier to promote and push to a correct demographic and expand.

What would you say is the best piece of advice you’ve been given you could pass down to the up and coming artists?

Never take advice from someone who didn’t live it, and something I live by. Sometimes you have to work 23 & A Half hours in a day, just to get that 30 minutes on stage.

You’re born and raised in Ajax; ON how do you feel that the Canadian identity has shaped your music?

It’s all I know, I am Canadian. My last project was called Canadian Boy. I own a booking agency and most artists, managers, and agencies know me for plugging in tours nation-wide, and touring a lot myself so I make it well known that I am Canadian.

You put a lot of yourself in your tracks and have been very open about losing your best friend to drunk driving, and you yourself have struggled with drug addiction.

Is it difficult putting yourself out there? Defiantly, but that’s why I do music. When my best friend died, I wanted to speak at his funeral, but I know I couldn’t, and another Canadian artist put me in the studio and showed me how to properly make a song. We played it at the funeral and that’s where I saw Music work firsthand. People cried; some people laughed, & I saw my music take on real emotion. Some people say I should try to be less personal in my music, but it’s hard not to be.

2010, Classified-produced your single “Certified,” featuring Treach on your album In My Life. What was it like working with artists as iconic as Classified and Treach and how did it shape the vibe of the album, and you as an artist?  

This record was one of my favourites. I was on tour in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Treach said to me play me some beats lets pick something and when we get to your city, let’s record a song. I played him a pack of Beats Classified sent me and we went to the studio when we got to Toronto for Canadian Music Week. Treach was one of the most animated artists I have recorded with to this day in the studio. This also really shaped mine and Classified’s relationship. Defiantly someone I really look up to in the business and in life. That album was one of my favourites as I got to work with all the artists I grew up listening to.

You’ve also performed with TI, Nelly, Jadakiss, Machine Gun Kelly, Wu-Tang Clan, Akon, Snoop Dogg, and French Montana to name a few! What are some of your favorite memories of the road, or shows you’ve played?

Opening for 50 Cent at Calgary Stampede in front of 10,000 + was amazing. Insane parties, and great people. I loved touring Europe with Fetty Wap this past year. We did 20 Cities and in like 30 days. I am excited to get back on the road.

You did a major Canadian tour opening for Ghostface Killah. After so many years of being in the game, how did it feel to finally have that big experience?

This tour was early in my career. I grew up listening to him, and Wu-Tang. My first manager and myself booked his first Canadian tour in 20 years. I booked a few other tours for him and a handful of Wu-Tang Clan reunion shows across Canada.

In 2015, you wrote and created the iconic “We the North” for the Toronto Raptors, which peaked at number 3 on the Billboard top 100. What was it like being sandwiched alongside artists like Justin Bieber, Drake, and Beyoncé?

That record was something very special to me, I am huge raptors fan, and this record was something I took a lot of pride in. The record is very close to going gold so once that happens I will tell you how I feel LOL

You’re now a label owner (90 Nickel Entertainment) and a talent manager, and you own a booking agency (International Touring Agency). What was the idea behind the pivot from performing to behind the scenes?

I have always booked shows, and booked artists since day 1, just not on this international scale its on now. I did it to create opportunities for myself and my team. 9-0-Nickel holds a Management firm and its my label. International Touring Agency is the booking agency I started 4 year’s ago with my partners.

Earlier this year you released a collaboration track with long-time friend Ghostface killah “Bill Clinton”, tell us a bit about that track, and what it means to you?

It was just a hard-hitting record that I thought he would sound great on, and I was right lol Vokab produced it and its called Bill Clinton because of the dirty money reference.

Spotlight - Peter Jackson

When you are creating a track do you have a story you are trying to tell or does it come to you in the moment?

A little of both, I listen to the production and catch a vibe.

What is your creative process like?

Depends, I like to be in a bigger studio, few people in the room, producer in the room. A lot of Weed, and sparking water. I like to create a real vibe where I am super comfortable.

You and Fetty Wap just released a track “If It’s You” as a tease to your upcoming EP 23 & Half, and it has just been blowing up with plays. What can we expect off the new album?

Thank you, the record is doing really well, which is why I pushed back the EP release to June 26th. It should of already been out but we wanted to focus on the single and make sure we put some real momentum behind it. The album is a really dope vibe. I love it.

What would you like to tell your fans?

Please make sure y’all support the album on June 26th, and I am looking forward to getting back on the road.

Spotlight – Peter Jackson is done! I want to give a big thanks to the man himself for taking the time to chat with us about what hes got going on. The recent track with Fetty Wap is currently wracking up the plays on all major platforms and the new album will be out near the end of the month.

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