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Today’s Spotlight – Petric. We catch up with the guys to talk about their music and the new release of Deja-Vu. We also get their thoughts on the music scene in Manitoba compared to the rest. Check out what they had to say below.

Hi guys, it is nice to see you. Petric used to be billed as a duo, but recently you have officially made Jordan Day (longtime guitarist) now an official member. What prompted the change? 

I feel like that was just where we were at in life and with music. Jordan had spent a bit of >me away from the band that summer due to a few other obligations, and it was awful. The three of us have chemistry that you cant replicate with a hired gun. Jordan is part of this band as much as anyone has ever been, and its been fun getting to do this all together. 

You started playing music when you were younger, 13 or so, but when did the 3 of you start jamming together? 

The first >me we all met, we would have been 17/18 years old. We were out in the Gimli/Lake Winnipeg area, and met through some mutual friends. A few years later when the “Jason Petric” band started forming, Jordan was there from day one. Tom periodically made his way on stage with the band, and there was a chemistry that we couldn’t deny. 

We oWen hear about Calgary, or Toronto having huge music scenes, not so much Manitoba. Can you tell us about the scene there growing up? 

Honestly, I think most of the people in Manitoba would argue the Manitoba has the best music scene in Canada. No offence to Calgary, or Toronto, but Manitoba has produced some of the best musicians that our country has ever seen. The venues, the musicians, the songwriters, the festivals, the music programs. Manitoba has an amazing platform for arts/musicians to work with. We were very fortunate to have been embraced by the Manitoba music scene years ago, because it was where we really got our first bit of momentum as Petric. 

Your smash breakout hit “Here Goes everything” came out in 2015. What was it like to go from playing small local shows to the explosion of fame that you received? 

That song will always be a favourite of ours. It brought us a whole new group of fans, and friends in the industry. Its been such a ride getting to record music, tour the country, hear the songs on radio, and it all started with Here Goes Everything. Hopefully our new music can have an equal impact on our careers. 

You have been riding the wave performing at Boots and Hearts, on CBC, CTV, and a variety of other online outlets. What are some things you love about touring? What it difficult about touring? 

GeIng to see the country and the world has probably been the absolute best part about music. Since the beginning of us recording Flashbacks, we’ve been to Penticton to Halifax, and New York to LA. Its something we always dreamed of being able to do. The relationships and memories that we’ve created along the way, its something we will never take for granted. With all that being said, one of the coolest experiences we’ve had is traveling to a place that you’ve never been before, and hearing thousands of people singing your song back to you. Touring isn’t always easy, but theres so many reasons why we want to be doing it. 

At times, I think we just need a break from each other. We are always challenging each other to be the best we can be, and sometimes you just need to stop and take a break. 

You released 2 videos this year for your singles “Déjà vu” and “Something to do with you” in August and February. What was it like releasing your video for “Something to do with you” right in the heart of Canadian winter? 

It was cold. We wanted to show people just how beautiful a Canadian winter can be. Our video producer Matt Kennedy absolutely captured the crisp, cold beauty of Canada. 

Déjà vu came out back in August, and how was it releasing music in a pandemic? 

Just like everything else in life right now, it was different. We didn’t tour the song. We had limited opportunities to promote it, and had to do many more Zoom calls then ever before. Different isn’t necessarily bad though. The song has been received very well, and it was something we were very excited to share with people. 

You have a new single coming out in October- “All Who Wander” can you give us a bit of a sneak peak and tell us what it is all about? 

We’ve been sitting on this song for over 5 years at this point. When we first heard “All Who Wander”, Lady A had a hold on the song. They never ended up recording it, and we never stopped loving it. When it came >me for us to hit the studio, this song came in with us. It’s a song about believing in the process, and having faith in the joinery that your on. 

Spotlight - Petric

What is your process like when coming up with a song? Has it changed very much the more you grow? 

As a band, we’re definitely starting to work together more than we use to when it comes to writing. The writing and recording process is always changing, and I think thats a good thing. If it becomes too much like work, or “corporate”, I don’t think it’s as genuine. 

You now have the 3 EPs under your belt, plus a variety of singles, what is it like writing songs together? Does one person take point, is there ever issues with the brothers ganging up on Jordan? 

Jason does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to the song writing. But once a song hits the studio, its free game. Everyone whose in the studio brings ideas to the table. If anything, its usually Jordan breaking up fights between Jason and Tom. 

The band is incredibly active in the community I have seen you help raise funds for the children’s wish foundation, jersey day, to name a few. Can you expand on some of the other charitable organizations you work with, and tell us a bit about why you decided to give back to the community? 

Honestly, I feel like we don’t do nearly enough. Any>me there is an opportunity for us to give back to our community we 100% are in. There are a lot of foundations in Winnipeg that need help. The Humane Society, Siloam Mission, Children’s Wish Foundation, even if we can help a little bit, we want to do it. 

Spotlight - Petric

Jason- I saw on Insta that you and your partner Laura just announced you are expecting a child. Is it difficult with touring to have a work-home life balance, and do we have any names that we are looking at? 

There are always challenges in life. I think we’re all pretty lucky to have great families who support us as a band. I feel the best days are still very much ahead of us. Theres a name…but you’ll have to wait. 

Obviously, this summer was a bit more unique than others, what were some of the ways that you kept busy during Covid? 

Home renos. I think all of our wives put us to work pretty good. Obviously planning the release of Flashbacks and shooting some music videos took up some time, but we all embraced being at home. It was a great summer with our families. 

With things gradually reopening what are some of your local bars/restaurants/hangouts you are especially looking forward to getting back to? Any shoutouts to your local faves? 

The Forks Market in Winnipeg has always been our bands “meeting place”. Its right in the middle of downtown Winnipeg. Theres lots of great food, and great spots to sit and have a drink. I am really excited for the day when our band can get together and start planning out our next adventure. 

What do you want to say to your fans? 

We miss you. You’re not just fans, your friends, your family. We hope you all are doing well, and find some enjoyment in the new music we’re continuing to share. 2021 is going to be a tough year too, but we promise when we get to the end of this long road, it is going to be better than ever. 

This Spotlight – Petric is done! Big thanks to the guys for taking the time to chat with us.

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Spotlight - Petric

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