Stitched Up Heart

So, The Brass Monkey played host to a powerhouse event with Stitched Up Heart. These are some amazing acts fronted by powerful woman. Stitched Up Heart is your headliner and along for the ride to fill out the ticket is Kaleido. Stitched Up Heart recently opened up for Godsmack, so it was going to be awesome to get a more up and intimate show this time around

The Brass Monkey is quickly being hailed as one of the best smaller venues for amazing music on a regular basis. It wasn’t a full house but that didn’t stop everyone from having a really good time. The show was intimate, and the fans got to experience the bands right up close.


First up is Kaleido. This band hails from Detroit and has been active since 2011. They have been hailed as Detroit’s Best Band in Detroit Weekly as well as winning people’s choice awards numerous times. They started out the night with their typical style and energy playing tracks across their whole catalogue. Some of the favorite tracks are Die Tryin, Blood and My Enemy. They also rocked out an amazing Foo Fighters cover and who doesn’t love that.

Stitched Up Heart

Headlining the night is Stitched Up Heart. Fronted by the beautiful Alecia “Mixi” Demner, this band is always dynamic and fun to watch. Recently they opened up for Godsmack and Volbeat which was a nice first experience with them. Stitched Up Heart formed in 2010 in LA and has been on an adventure ever since. Having a smaller crowd made for an interesting night. Mixi was able to get right into the crowd and rock out with fans. The interact was pretty awesome since you don’t get that chance very often. Starting out the night with The Skin, Warrior and Catch Me When I Fall made for a pretty awesome night.

It may not have been a packed house but Stitched Up Heart and Kaleido made sure we had a good night. I look forward to seeing them next time they are in town.

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