West Coast Spotlight – Edge

Here at Hidden Beats, we are taking advantage of this time by serving you a number of unique artists on a silver platter through our new Spotlight Q&A interviews. Our first West Coast Spotlight – Edge.

Amidst this pandemic, time is in abundance — offering music lovers the ability to dive deep into the ever-growing pool of talented Canadian musicians and making it easier than ever to bolster your musical roster. 

We are highlighting Edge, a 23-year-old up and coming Hip-Hop artist and producer, based in British Columbia

Influenced by everything from his Nigerian roots to modern pop, reggae and rap of all eras (most noticeably Tyler the Creator), Edge is carving out his place quickly within the world of hip-hop by creating a unique sound all his own that is laced with details of his experiences thus far. 

Get to know more about this budding artist below!

West Coast Spotlight - Edge
Photo by Justin HIll

How long have you been creating? 

Since I was about 13-years-old.

What got you started in music? 

My friends in middle school. We started  a group which consisted of four members including myself. We did it for a Christmas program at school and from there it just kinda grew into something else. 

I found myself saving lunch money to purchase studio time to go work on music.

Is Edge your given name? If not, what made you decide to go with it? 

Funny enough it’s not, I might add it someday. I don’t recall who gave me the nickname, but I’ve always had it since I was little. I was also into WWE when I was younger, and the wrestler “Edge” was cool at the time, so I didn’t mind the nickname.

At what age did you move to Canada? How do you feel the move impacted you? 

I came down to Canada when I was 18. It was interesting being on my own for the first year or so. I would still say I’m still feeling the impact of the move seeing that all the people I grew up with, I have not seen for the past 5 years now. 

But I’ve also met a lot of new people here who have more than added an experience to my journey. So, it’s give and take.

You mention in your bio that your home country and world music has impacted you. Is there anything in particular that you feel often comes up when you’re creating?

Well not consciously I guess, when I create, I pull on the sounds, sonically and production wise from music I’ve listened to and I enjoy. 

I also think of what sounds (like sonically sounds good) good, then I try to recreate that sound I’m hearing from my head.

Growing up, were you always surrounded by hip-hop or R&B? What were some of the other genres around you that you feel have inspired your art so far?

In my earlier years I was surrounded by church music, but as I grew up, I noticed my dad playing different music around the house, he played reggae, 2face, face, Asa, Michael Jackson, he was in love with Lady Gaga, played Flavour (also a Nigerian artist). 

I really grew up with Nigerian music, from afro-beats to Nigerian Rap. Then started listening to the radio so whatever was popular on there, I would tune into a station called Cool FM to listen to Rick D’s show. And I’d watch loads of movies and look for the sound tracks off there, and that gave me access to rock and indie pop. And finally, Limewire. My music is kind of a refined mesh of all these things.

Do you think it’s important to explore different genres outside of your own when it comes to creating? Why? 

Yes, most definitely, but then again, I don’t only just make one genre. If you truly love music, you can’t limit yourself to just one genre.

You can definitely tell that Tyler the Creator has had a large influence on you. What is it about him in particular that captivated you? 

The rawness of his music to begin with. Like when I was younger and just hearing him say all that wild sh*t, I was listening like “yo are people allowed to speak like this?” At a second listen he was super expressive and honest in his music and he didn’t really appear to give to fu*k about what anyone thought. 

I thought that was cool af. Secondly his character was funny, I found him hilarious. But also, being that young and being able to create different platforms in which he could express his creativity, from music to tv to fashion to a festival, that was cool.

A lot of times, artists create their music for the masses, as perhaps a way to gain rapid success. Why do you feel it’s so important to create music you care about and also would like to listen to? 

Because I would like to be able to listen to and enjoy my own music if it ever got big. I don’t want to be stuck listening to trash music made by me.

Why did you learn to produce and how long did it take you to learn? 

Well, when I got to Canada, I didn’t have access to a studio where I was, so I went online and bought the equipment I needed to record myself. 

At the time I would send music out to producers to help mix and master. But after a while I wanted to be self sufficient, and there were also different sounds I wanted to try out for myself. So, I went on youtube and started learning how to mix vocals. Took me about a year or so to learn so, but till date I’m still learning a lot, you can never really be done learning.

You say you like to “create vibes”. Is this purely lighthearted vibes that people can relate to or do you try to use your platform to relay messages you feel are important? Why or Why not?

My music a lot of the time is lighthearted, I don’t go into making music with an agenda, well I mean that’s a lie, my agenda is to make sonically pleasing music to myself.

But beyond that I don’t go in thinking I want to relay any messages. I make music based on how I’m feeling at that moment. How I view my platform though is through myself and my actions. I want anyone watching me to understand where I come/came from and how I got to where I am/going to, and understand that it’s possible for them to take the same steps and create something of themselves.

West Coast Spotlight - Edge
Photo by Justin Hill

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