The Canadian hip-hop duo 88Glam was making their way to Ottawa and I figured why not go out and see what all the hype was about. The duo of 88 Camino and Derek Wise was making a name for themselves and being talked about by all kinds of people so here I am putting my 2 cents in.

The Toronto based duo formed in 2017 and signed with XO Records. Founded by Toronto native The Weeknd and Amir “Cash” Esmailian. XO is developing a little name for themselves. They also have signed Belly and Nav which puts 88Glam in a very interesting position.

The duo worked together previously alongside Jazz Cartier also.

Opening Acts

Some of the usual suspects in the Ottawa local scene started out the night. Runaway Randy Freeman was a pleasant surprise as this was the first time I have seen them. They had the crowd engaged and took that whole stage and made it their own.

DBAA, having recently parted ways with Marty from the group was a little less then exciting to say the least. I don’t know if they got it in their heads they are better than they are but I have seen much better runs from these boys both as a group and as solo acts. Everyone has a bad day so let’s hope they bounce back.

The 88Glam2 tour had 12 stops and Ottawa was near the end. This meant we either had the potential to get some wore out performances or a show that had ironed out all the kinks and was set to be a blast. From what I could see there was no kinks and these guys were killing it all over the stage.


Once the boys hit the stage it was a build up from the first song. The crowd ate it up. Camino’s energy was all over that stage and Wise played with it perfectly. The fans absolutely loved every second of it.

Had the pleasure to meet Wise quickly back stage before they jet off to their next stop on tour…they were almost done and I’m sure they were getting excited to take a break.

Keep an eye on these guys we are sure there are big things coming.

88Glam tour poster
88Glam – Tour poster
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