George Canyon

Ottawa played host to multiple time Juno and CCMA award winner George Canyon. This was one of his last stops for the Made in Canada Tour. 


Algonquin College was the stage for the intimate show for George and his fellow band mates. They opened with the Canadian Classic “Good Ole Hockey Game”.

George Canyon

Throughout the night George and the boys made sure to let everyone know all the great inventions that came out of Canada such as Basket Ball, Hockey and even the ABM and debit cards while playing tracks like

Good Day to Ride

Daughters of the Sun

Drinkin’ Thinkin’

Jordan McIntosh

As a surprise to everyone George brought out Ottawa local Jordan McIntosh. He accidentally let slip a small piece of a larger project Jordan is working on. We will be looking forward to that in the New Year. They then sang Johnny Reid’s “I Believe in Angels” and Jordan showed off his powerful vocals.

In an effort to make everyone feel at home they started what was known as a “Kitchen Party”. This is where people would just come together to play. With this one they wanted to celebrate with pieces of some other great Canadian Icons.

They played songs from Gordon Lightfoot (Sundown), Anne Murray (Snow Bird) and Ian Tyson (4 Strong Winds).

At the end of the night George came out into the lobby to meet some fans that stuck around. He took the time to shake every ones hand and even ask them their names. A few fans told stories about seeing him live at other shows. One fan even talked about how his music has helped them get over some rough patches in their own life.

This just goes to show you truly how strong music can be.

For a full gallery click link below:

George Canyon Gallery

George Canyon - Tour Poster
George Canyon – Ottawa Concert
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